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Based on this standard a pumper must be ______ at least once a year or whenever it has under gone major pump or power train repair.

Performance tested


Standard for the inspection, maintenance, testing and retirement of inservice automotive fire apparatus

NFPA 1911


Although the NFPA 1911 standard allows performance testing to be conducted using a hydrant or static water supply, many jurisdictions prefer a______ because it will provide easier evaluation for pump performance

Static water source


NFPA 1911 specifies that all gauges used for service testing must be calibrated within _____ of the testing

60 days


The ______ is to be conducted with the vehicle loaded to the same weight as it will be when placed in service

Road test


The apparatus must accelerate to 35 mph from a standing start within ______

25 seconds


The apparatus must achieve a maximum top speed of _____ this requirement may be waived for vehicles not designed for use on Public roadways

50 mph


The apparatus must come to a full stop from 20 mph within _____ feet

35 feet


If special requirements are sought from the apparatus purchaser should write them into the bid specifications as ______ as opposed to engineering or equipment specifications

Performance requirements


A _____ is performed to ensure that the pump and associated piping are capable of withstanding high pressure pumping demands. The pump body as well as the entire intake and discharge piping system with the exception of the tank fill and tank-to-pump lines on the tank side of the valves are subjected to a minimum hydrostatic test pressure of 500 psi for a minimum of 10 minutes

Hydrostatic test


Are performed by an independent testing organization such as Underwriters laboratories, and are designed to ensure that the fire pump will operate as designed on the completed apparatus

Pump certification test


For apparatus equipped with a onboard water tank, a tank-to- pump _______ must also be performed

Flow test


Is conducted to demonstrate to the purchaser that the apparatus conforms to all bid specifications at the time of delivery. Testing is conducted at a jurisdiction to which the apparatus has been sold with representatives from the purchasing agency and the manufacturer to review the product.

Acceptance testing


The amount of foam concentrate present in the solution is measured using a



This device measures the velocity of light that travels through a medium