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Reduce the number of pressure calculations required of the driver operator. In order to ensure reliability_______ must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.



The drivers/operators ability to quickly and accurately determine the flow of a particular hose line in gallons per minute is especially advantageous when _________ are employed with handlines or master stream devices.

Automatic nozzles


Based on NFPA 1901 standard, for every discharge outlet equipped with a _______, a pressure gauge shall be provided. These ________ must display flow in increments of 10 gpm or less.



Mounted at the top of a straight section of the discharge pipe so that only a small portion of the device extends into the waterway.

Paddle wheel


Employs a stainless steel spring probe to detect water movement in the discharge piping.

Spring probe


Each discharge equipped with a Flowmeter must have a digital readout displayed mounted within ______ of the control valve for that discharge.

6 inches


If a pressure gauge is mounted at the 6 inch location, then the Flowmeter must be mounted within ________ adjacent to the pressure gauge.

2 inches


Additionally, a hose line may have _____ if an attack team member sends a message saying that the volume of the water at the nozzle has suddenly decreased without a corresponding change at the Flowmeter



When engaged in a ___________, the driver/operator may feed a supply line without having to know the volume of water flowing from the receiving pumper.

Relay pumping operation


Apparatus equipped with electronic pressure governors involved in relay pumping, with the exception of the attack pumper, should operate in ______.

Revolutions per minute RPM


When operating an apparatus equipped with a _______, the number and types of nozzles on lines operating from the standpipe may be factored by adding the flow rate for each nozzle together and pumping the volume of water that matches the rate.



The _________of the calculator consists of a slide or dial that can be moved to cover or reveal rates of flow, size of hose, and length of hose layout in order to come to a conclusion to a problem.

Manual version


Are specially programmed to allow you to input the variables of each hose layout, including the length, diameter of hose, and elevation changes

Electronic hydraulic calculators


Are often developed by a fire department and contain information specific to that jurisdiction equipment and common hose layout operations.

Pump charts


May be used for operations in which the friction loss can be determined for 3-, 4-, or 5- inch hose. This formula may be used for 3 inch hose with 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch couplings.

Condensed Q formula


FL = Q2

Condensed Q formula for 3 inch hose


FL= Q2/5

Condensed Q formula for 4inch hose


FL = Q2/15

Condensed Q formula for 5 inch hose


The ________ is applicable to both solid and fog streams and is calculated using flow in gallons per minute. It may be used for various diameter hose, although it is not applicable to the metric system.

GPM flowing method


Although sufficient for many fireground calculations, the friction loss will be ______ than when using the fl=CQ2L formula

20 percent greater condensed q formula


In some instances, 20 percent will not amount to a major effect in psi. However, in a hose lay of 1000 feet of 3 inch hose, the difference maybe as great as

50 psi


With proper calibration, a flow meter in good working order should be accurate to a tolerance of plus or minus

3 percent


Measure and display water flow in gallons per minute



The ____ relieves you from relying on calculations based on the friction loss, elevation pressure, and length of hoseline