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If the building or area that is on fire is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system the primary tactic is to ________.

Support the system and let it do its job


_________ is essential for any building that is protected by an automatic fire suppression system, with the possible exception of a building containing a range hood system as the only fire protection system

Pre incident planning


The primary purpose of these life safety systems is to allow _______

Additional escape time


When the system or part of the system is out of service, the system should be ________ as specified in NFPA 25



The system that is most often encountered in the ________, which is very effective and the most reliable fire suppression system.

Wet pipe sprinkler system


A_____ is used in areas that might be subject to freezing temperatures.

Dry pipe sprinkler system


A______ is also filled with air that may or may not be under pressure.

Pre-action sprinkler system


In both systems if the capacity of the piping exceeds 500 gallons the system must be equipped with an _______.

Accelerator or exhauster


Can be used when a warning is Desired before the actual water discharge, such as in computer rooms.

Preaction systems


With this system there is no water in the sprinkler piping, and all sprinklers are open.

Deluge system


Protect areas with high challenge fire potential, such as flammable liquids, conveyors moving combustible commodities, and transformers.

Deluge systems


The most common operational error at properties protected by automatic sprinkler systems is _________.

Shutting down the system prematurely


If a decision must be made between using hose lines and properly supplying the sprinkler system, it is usually best to ______.

Supply the sprinkler system


Several types of main valves are used to open and close sprinkler systems. The two most common type are the________.

Outside stem and yoke valve and post indicator valve


The firefighter who is assigned to the main control valve may also be in a position to monitor the fire pump. In many cases the fire pumps are located near the main control valve. This is an important position that should not be relegated to a part time task, requiring the firefighter to walk a considerable distance between the riser and pumps.

A good rule of thumb is to separate the tasks if the pumps cannot be seen or heard by someone standing at the main control valve.


Most departments provide a pressure of ______ psi to the FDC.

150 psi


It is important to avoid surges when initially charging the hoses connected to the FDC, as , many sprinkler systems are designed and tested to a maximum _______.



Some large area, sprinkler protected buildings are equipped with automatic or manual roof vents and ________ that are designed to limit fire spread.

Draft curtains


When possible, property conservation tasks should be accomplished while _______ is in progress.



Is not an automatic fire suppression system.

Standpipe system


In this system, piping is filled with pressurized air or nitrogen but is connected to a water supply that automatically admits water into the system when a discharge is opened.

Automatic dry


In this system, piping is filled with water, and water is provided when the discharge is opened. This is the most common standpipe.

Automatic wet


In this system a dry standpipe admits water into the system piping upon activation of a remote control device located at a hose section.

Semi automatic dry


This system is filled with air and does not have a water supply; the system relies entirely on water provided via the FDC to supply hose lines.

Manual dry


This system is filled with water connected to a water supply that maintains water in the system, but it is not capable of providing water for firefighting purposes unless it is supplied by a fire department pumper.

Manual wet


This system supplies both sprinklers and standpipes

Combined system


A standpipe system having piping containing water at all times

Wet standpipe system


Older codes generally specify _____ at the standpipe outlet, whereas modern codes usually require _____

65 psi
100 psi


In most operations, an allowance of _____ of friction loss is adequate for the standpipe system piping

10 to 15 psi


The laws of hydraulics tell us that there is ______ for every 1ft of elevation.

0.434 psi


In the 60 story high rise building each floor is 10 ft high, yielding a back pressure of _______ at the base of the building

256 psi


In the book firefighting principles and practices, William E Clark presents a method of dealing with excess hose. Hose is _____ the stairway above the fire floor before firefighters enter the floor.

Laid up


In many cases, only one stairway has standpipe outlets, making it____.

It the obvious choice as the fire operations stairway


The proper use of in place suppression devices is yet another reason for ________.

Preincedent planning


Is the number one defense against flammable liquid fires but is nearly useless on pressurized liquids or gases



Increases the effectiveness of water and adheres well to exposed structures

Class A


Is used in areas where preventing water damage is a prime objective or where the extinguishing agent is more effective than water or dry chemical.

Carbon dioxide


Are dependent on agent containment for a period of time to be effective

Total flooding systems


Carbon dioxide Extinguishes by depleting the oxygen supply, and a carbon dioxide system generally requires carbon dioxide concentrations ranging from ______.

34% to 75%


Systems rely on smoke detection for activation

Fix clean agent systems


Most _____ do not require suffocating quantities to extinguish the fire; a low concentration is usually sufficient.

Clean agents


Are used in a number of different applications. One of the most common is in kitchen hoods in restaurants.

Dry Chemical systems


A _____ can be activated either automatically or manually at a pull station.

Kitchen hood system


Similar in design to dry chemical systems, are also found in kitchen hood applications.

Wet chemical agent systems


React with hot grease or oil to form a foam blanket that suppresses the release of combustible vapors

Wet chemical agents


Carbon dioxide systems and many clean agent systems have _____ interlocked to the system, allowing occupants time to escape

Pre action alarms


Property owners often prefer _______ because cleaning up after the system discharges is much easier than with dry chemical agents

Wet agent systems


In _______ it is common for dry chemical systems also to protect the ductwork leading from the cooking appliances to where it exhausts outside of the building

Kitchen hood systems


are also equipped with manually operated override valves that can be used of detection devices fail to operate

Deluge systems


One method of checking for water flow, of the riser is not equipped with a device such as a water motor gong, is to ______ and listen for water flowing through the pipe

Place an ear against the riser


If there are signs of a fire and or the sprinkler is operating, the main objective is to ______ while ensuring occupants are safe

Support the system


Fire and building codes require _____ on standpipes

Female connections


It is better to shut down a sprinkler system _____ than too early

Too late


When changing from a variable stream to a smooth bore nozzle, it is important to recognize that there may be a significant increase in flow with a resultant increase in

Nozzle reaction


Most fire departments have standing orders requiring connections to the standpipe ______ below the fire.

One floor