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Some basic preventive maintenance tasks maybe performed by the driver operator while others are normally carried out by apparatus mechanics. _________ provides a basis to train and certify fire apparatus mechanics and fire department maintenance officers

NFPA 1071 standard for emergency vehicle technician professional qualifications


The _______ responsibilities of the driver/operator vary by jurisdiction however minor deficiencies such as low fluid levels or burned out bulbs are often corrected as part of the maintenance function of the driver operator



A particular method of performing an apparatus inspection is referred to as the ____________.

Circle or walk around method


Two types of inspections are actually conducted during the walk around inspection the __________ and the vehicle__________.

Operational readiness and Pretrip road worthiness test


The driver/begins the walk around inspection at the drivers door on the cab and works around the apparatus in a clockwise pattern. Check each important area as you circle the vehicle. Get in the cab, start the apparatus and perform a _________ on apparatus systems.

Functional check


The sides of the apparatus may be identified by different names in various departments. Driver/operators should use the terms commonly accepted in their departments. Some jurisdictions use______others use_______.

Street side/curb side others driver side/officer side


The correct tire for any commercial vehicle is determined after the vehicles specifications are final. Tire selections are based on __________ for the apparatus.

Gross axle weight ratings


NFPA 1911 requires all tires be replaced every _______.

7 years


The _________ turns on various lights on at specified intervals so that start up electrical load for all devices does not occur at the same time.

Load sequencer


The ______ watches the system for any added electrical loads that threaten to overload the system.

Load monitor


If any overload occurs, the load monitor will shut down less important electrical equipment in order to prevent the overload. This is referred to as _______.

Load shedding


__________ is the distance the pedal must be pushed before the throw out bearing actually contacts the clutch release.

Free play


Often gross vehicle weight ratings is confused with ________. ________ is the weight of an empty fire apparatus fresh off the assembly line with no tools, water, equipment, or passengers.

Curb weight


In general ________, should be no more than 10 degrees in either direction. On a 20 inch diameter steering wheel the play may be about 2 inches in either direction.

Steering wheel play


Driver/operators should be aware of vehicles around them that are over grossed. Vehicles that sway from side to side and vehicles that seem to be resting on their axles are seen everyday on roadways. Per NFPA 1901 and 1911 a side to side variance in writ should not exceed ______.

7 percent.


Apparatus with air brakes are to be equipped with an apr pressure protection vale that prevents air horns or other nonessential devices from being operated when the pressure in the air reservoir drops below ______.

80 psi


Standard for inspection, maintenance, testing, and retirement of inservice automotive fire apparatus.

NFPA 1911


The driver should conduct an _________ as defined by the AHJ inspection and maintenance schedule.

Air brake test


A series of tests used to ensure the serviceability of an air braking system. Tests includes air loss, air compressor build up, air warning, and emergency park brake activation.

Air brake tests


Devices used in an air brake system that connect between the activation pads and the brake pads that compensate for brake pad wear.

Slack adjusters


Batteries can also give off ______, which is highly explosive and a mere spark can ignite it.

hydrogen gas


Helps to ensure reliability, reduce the frequency and cost of repairs, and reduces out of service time

Preventive maintenance


The goal of _______ is to eliminate unexpected and catastrophic failures that may endanger fire fighters and the general public

Preventive maintenance


Every fire department should develop _______ that provide for a systematic apparatus maintenance program that complies with applicable NFPA standards

SOPs standard operating procedures


An inspection checklist designed by the _____ for specific apparatus will ensure that each driver operator conducts a uniform and complete inspection by using a checklist as a guide



_____ the exterior of the apparatus is one of the most commonly performed maintenance functions



The manufacturer determines the ______ as the maximum weight at which a vehicle can be safely operated on roadways in ideal conditions



Most large modern fire department pumping apparatus are equipped with ________

Air actuated braking systems air brakes


Reduce the possibility of an apparatus going into a slide, jackknife, or spin during heavy braking

Antilock braking systems ABS


Apparatus brakes should be thoroughly tested at least _____ using the methods outlined in NFPA 1911



These tests determine the braking ability of apparatus while in motion and evaluate the parking brake while the vehicle is stopped

Air brake test


The ______ is designed to provide the driver operator with safety information that may not have otherwise been evident

Air brake test