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In an ideal situation, the best rescue approach is made from ______

Upwind on level grade and without obstructions


If a rescue is to be made from an area threatened by fire, _______ can be used to protect the victims, rescuers, and the aerial device



The preferred procedure is to use a _______ to cool and/or protect the aerial device and personnel while the rescue operation is in progress

Wide angle fog stream


If the victim is to be lifted over the top rail, the driver operator should position the apparatus so that the turntable is directly ________ if possible

Inline with the target


If the victim enters the platform through the hinged gate, the turntable must be positioned __________ because the platform gates are typically on the side of the platform

Little forward or behind


In situations that require using aerial apparatus for rescue, the main objective is to reach as many victims or point of egress as possible with a minimum _______

Number of aerial movements


Those who are in the greatest amount of real or perceived danger should be given the

Highest priority


Typically, occupants located on or immediately above the fire floor will be in the ________

Greatest danger


When two or more groups of victims appear to be in the same amount of danger the ________ should have the aerial extended to them first

Larger of the two groups


The best position is one in which the extended or rotated aerial device is _______ to the objective



If an aerial ladder is designed to be used in the unsupported position, the tip should be placed _____ according to manufacturers recommendation

Above the target spot


When maneuvering any aerial device to reach a victim trapped in an elevated position, the aerial device should be initially be aimed ______

Above the victim then lowered


Once an aerial device is in place for a rescue engaging the _____ is an important step in making the device a rigid structure if so equipped

Extension locks


Placement of the ______ is an important consideration when victims are to be removed from the interior of a building through a window

Aerial tip device


When using an aerial ladder, the first rung of the ladder should be placed even with the _____



When using aerial platforms, most fire departments prefer that the platform be placed so that the top rail of the platform is _____

Even with the window sill


When removing trapped victims from a roof (or other similarly open, flat areas), the tip of the aerial ladder should be placed so that at least _____ extends above the edge of the roof

6 ft


Aerial platforms should be placed so that the bottom of the platform is _______the edge of the roof

Just above and over


When rescuing victims off parapet style roofs, it may be necessary to use ______ to get over the parapet to the aerial device

Roof ladders


In many instances, simply repositioning the truck to an area of the building that doesn’t have a ____ may be the best option



When dealing with parapets, _______ are advantageous over telescoping devices

Articulating aerial devices


After properly positioning the aerial ladder, ________ should be assigned to assist in boarding and descending the ladder

At least one and preferably two firefighters


The ____ is best used for a heavier person who is conscious and able to control his or her movements but is not strong enough to descend under his or her own power

Knee sit method


When providing aerial access for ventilating a flat roof, the driver operator should position the aerial apparatus on the _____ of the structure as close as possible to the area being ventilated

Unburned side


If firefighters cannot safely operate on the roof or if other conditions warrant a different approach, ______ can be accomplished with aerial devices

Horizontal or cross ventilation


Elevated master streams are most commonly used in ______

Defensive operations


Positioning the apparatus at corners of the building or at an otherwise safe distance from the building decreases the chance of damage to the truck and injury to firefighters in the event of a _____

Building collapse


For most defensive or otherwise long range operations, set the fog stream nozzle to ______ setting in order to closely emulate the performance of a solid stream

Straight stream


A carefully placed solid or straight master stream from the exterior of the building is often referred to as a _____

Blitz attack


Are often conducted when the fire is on upper stories and while firefighters are preparing to enter the building

Blitz attacks


The best way to effect a blitz attack with an elevated master steam is to try to deflect water _______of the fire room

Off the ceiling


Using the aerial an an exterior standpipe is also an effective tactic for the following

Fires in garages

Fires on building roofs

Fires on bridges and over passes

Fires in buildings under construction where a standpipe system is not available


An _____ is defined as a structure or separate part of the fire ground to which the fire may spread, such as a car port, automobile, or stack of hay



Protection from convective fire spread can be accomplished by applying large fog streams into the _____

Thermal column


In exposure protection operations, wide _______ are generally used to cover the involved area

Sweeping nozzle patterns