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Primary responsibility of all companies working on the scene of an emergency is to work within the overall________.

Incident action plan


Companies and crews are supervised by________, thus reducing the span of control by having one person report for the entire crew.

Company officer


The _________ was the basis for the industrial revolution. It was found that developing job skills in a concentrated area allowed greater productivity, as compared to one individual developing a wide variety of skills.

Division of labor principle


The ________ concept stresses the need for pre-assigning duties at an emergency to ensure that before the incident occurs, everyone is familiar with what will be expected of them during an emergency

Division of labor


However all firefighters should have a general understanding of these special duties, just as members of the special teams understand the duties of line firefighter. At a minimum, line fire fighters should be able to function as part of _________.

Function as part of either an engine or a truck company crew in B3 in basic emergency medical and hazardous material mitigation skills


The incident action plan governs________.

Company level operations


an ________ is a basic firefighting unit

Engine company


___________ Not only the safety of the victims but also that of the firefighters is the first priority of everyone on the fire ground

Life safety


Oh these three options extinguishing the fire has the greatest potential to______.

Save lives


If there is a potential rescue that can be made, __________ Will always be the top priority.

Life safety


General truck company duties should be_________.



Fire operations or more often unsuccessful because of poor or nonexistent____________than because of a lack of water.

Truck company work


_____________ Will generally Ventilate to control the spread of heat, Smoke, and fire while conducting the primary search and removing any victims.

Truck companies


For engine companies, rescue is typically an ________.

Indirect activity


Safety and control dictate that operating units work as_______.

Groups (companies or crews)


Other exceptions to the general rule of maintaining company unity under the direct control of the company officer include the first arriving company splitting into an inside and outside crew in compliance with_______.

Two in/two out rule


Maintaining company unity facilitates accountability because the officer came immediately verify the _______.

Safety of the entire crew


As has been pointed out, general truck company duties should be___________, Usually two firefighters arriving on Aerial or elevated platform apparatus.



Preassigning truck company positions, unless done in a very General way with company officers having the latitude to use discretion, may result in the__________.

Inefficient use of resources


____________ May be the single most important fire ground task when victims are trapped in secure areas or when the fire attack crew cannot make entry.

Forcible entry


Some department staff multifunction apparatus that are equipped to perform both engine and truck company operations.

Quint or quad


Proper ________ can have a positive effect on all three fire ground priorities of life safety, extinguishment, and property conservation.



If the first in Engine company will be used to lay attack lines, Position the apparatus on the same side of the street as the fire and close to the curb line as possible, with the side discharge gates ______.

Aligned with the desired entry.


If the apparatus is set up to use rear discharges for pre-connected attack lines, then the pumper should be positioned close to the curb but________.

Forward of the desired entry point.


It is not necessary to have an aerial ladder or elevated platform at every fire, or even in every fire department. However, it is necessary to have ________ assigned to a specific group of fire fighters on the fireground

Truck company functions


The following tasks are normally assigned to truck companies

Conduct search (primary and secondary)
Rescue trapped victims
Force entry
Ladder the building
Check for extension
Access concealed spaces


A standard engine or truck company should be staffed with at least ____ firefighters to operate effectively



Is one of the ICs most important tactical considerations, requiring close coordination between firefighters venting and attack crews



Other departments permit an ______ configuration in which the first engine company goes directly to the front of the building and the second engine company provides the water supply

Attack pumper


When the second engine company is supplying the attack pumper from a hydrant, it should select the suction intake that will allow the apparatus operator to get________ while keeping the intersection open.

Close to the curb


If the first in truck company will be using its aerial device, the truck must be positioned to obtain a _________ and reach the desired point for roof access, rescue, ventilation, or other tasks

Safe operating angle