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According to the untied states fire administration USFA, ______ firefighters were killed responding to or returning from emergency incidents in 2010.



Standard for fire apparatus driver/operator professional qualifications

NFPA 1002


Standard for fire fighter professional qualifications

NFPA 1001


Standard on fire department occupational safety and health program

NFPA 1500


Standard on comprehensive occupational medical program for fire departments

NFPA 1582


Provides specific standards that contain information and specific details on uncorrected vision and diseases of the eye.

Visual acuity NFPA 1582


Contains a list of frequencies that a driver operator must be able to hear and recommends rejecting a candidate who has hearing loss among those frequencies.

Adequate hearing NFPA 1582


A driver operator lapse in judgement and awareness and/or that of civilian motor vehicle operator can cause accidents or collisions. The most common place for a collision to occur is at an ______.



A fire apparatus driver/operator should maintain ________ in order to lower the chances of being involved in a collision with an object, pedestrian, or other vehicle.

Situational awareness


Generally account for significant amount of damage repair costs.

Backing accidents


Driver/operators should develop a ________.

Safety conscious attitude


Excessive speed also makes an apparatus more difficult to stop and can cause difficulties while braking. additionally driver/operators must be aware of the possibility of ______.

Brake fade


_________ apparatus that have been built by members of the fire department of local mechanics and custom built, overloaded vehicles are more likely to have design problems. These vehicles are often built on government surplus or other used vehicle chassis that may be worn even before the conversion. Many are operated over the gross vehicle weight the chassis is designed to support and are top heavy.

Homebuilt apparatus


Lights when exhaust system is very hot, usually due to an active regeneration in process.

High exhaust system temperature indicator HEST


Lights to indicate that the DPF is loading up with soot.

DPF indicator


Allows driver/operator to manually initiate an active regeneration to burn off the DPF soot load

Manually parked regeneration switch


Allows the driver operator to keep the engine from initiating an active regeneration process. Used in limited circumstances if the apparatus is parked on dry grass or over other combustible materials where there is that high risk that high exhaust temperatures may start a fire.

Regeneration inhibit switch


The _______collects particulates from the exhaust stream and burns them more completely. Apparatus equipped with a _____ will have very clean exhaust emissions and no black smoke as is common with older Diesel engines.

DPF diesel particulate filter


________ occurs when the engine load, exhaust temperature, and engine speed are within an acceptable range. When the conditions are met, the engine will begin to dosing fuel into the exhaust stream to raise the exhaust temperature and burn off soot.

Active regeneration


Allows the cleaning of the DPF in a stationary truck operations and requires operator involvement to initiate. The operator will be notified of the need for a ________by the illumination of the DPF light located in the cab.

Parked regeneration


Failing to keep the DEF tank full may derate (reduce its torque output) the apparatus engine or limit the vehicle speed. After a driver operator continues to ignore an empty DEF tank, the apparatus may be limited in speed to _______.

5 mph


Angle formed by level ground and a line from the point where the front tires touch the ground to the lowest projection at the front of the apparatus.

Angle of approach


Angle formed by the level ground and a line from the point where the rear tired touch the ground to the lowest projection at the rear of the apparatus

Angle of departure


Angle formed by level ground and a line from the pint where the tired touch the ground to the bottom of the frame at the wheel base midpoint.

Break over angle


Weight transfer follows the _________ which states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion tend to stay in motion; objects at rest tend to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force

Law of interia


Occurs when the throttle is applied when a manual transmission is in too high a gear for the demand on the engine.

Engine lugging


When this ________ occurs with a Diesel engine more fuel is injected that can be burned

Over throttling


The safe following distance between vehicles increases dramatically when the apparatus is driven on slippery roads. It may take _____ to _____ times greater distance for a vehicle to come to a complete stop.

3 to 15 times greater


At speeds above _____ an emergency vehicle may outrun the effective range of its audible warning device

50 mph


In some instances increasing the speed of an apparatus by ____ can decrease the audible distance by 250 feet or more.