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By the late 19th century, the United States had become what? 

A boisterous multicultural society0 the msot culturally diverse land of the Western emisphere, whose poplation included indigenous peoples 


What did Walt Whitman describe the US as? 

As  not merely a nation but a teeming nation of nations, yet political and economic power rested almost exclusively with white male elites


What did Euro American settlers push indigenous peoples to

Onto reservation, Although prosing to respect those ands, the U.S. govenrmen tpermitted settlers and railroads to encroach on the reservation 


The US government and private citizens acted to undermine or destry the 

bases of native cultural traiditons. Na


What did some US actions attempt to sever native AMerican's ties to? 

Their communal traditiosn and cultrual practices


Dawes severalty act 

Shifted land policies away form collective tribal reservations and towards individual tracts of and meant to promot the family fars 


What happened to native children> 

They were sent into white controlled boarding schools. These were Carlisle Indian School and the Toledo Indian Schools


The Civil War ended in slaverly, but didn't bring equality. What did northern forces do? 

THey sent armies of occupation to southern states to make them undergo a program of social and polictcal reconstruction 


After Reconstruction, the armies of occupation went back to the north.......and 

A violent backlash dismantled th eprograms rforms. Freed slaves had not recieved any land grants or anything. IT was easy for the Whites to take away everythin g


How long did women fight for rights? 

Through the inteenth century. Theywanted alternatives to marriage and domesticity.


What did migrants introduce? 

Foods, music, dance,s holidys and sports as well as language. There was distate thought 


How was slavery in Canada

It wasn't legal, but there was a segregation 


Louis Riel 

Emerged as the lader of western Canada..he was a metisand he had abandoned his studies to become a priest


Riel led his troosp and negotiated the 

incorporation of Manitoba into the DOminon. 


What resistance did  Riel lead again 

One against the railroad and British Canadian settlemnt. IT was called the North west rebellion. 


What was one migrant group to China

The chinese, and they mostly intermarrie and assimilated in society. 


Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 

Sarmiento despised the rule of caudillos that had emrged after independence and worked for the developmen of the best society 


What does Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism 

Sarmiento argued that it was necessary for Bueno s Aires to bring discipline to the disorderly Argentine coutnry side



Cowbosy.They were the symbol of latin american identiy. Most were mesitos or casitozos but there were also white or black ones. They had a hierarchal soceity and led independent lives. 


Male Domination 

Women could not vote or hold office, they could not work or manage estates without permissionfrom their male guardiens. machisnmo


What did women do? 

They were in the marketplace, where they had great influence. They supported the soldaderas (female support)