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What was Fatt Hing Chin's story 

He was a boring dude in China, who decided that it would be really fun if he went and became a gold miner in California. He went there, became usccessful,


After gaining Independence, what did the United States face the need to do? 

To connstruct a machinery go government. 


The rebellious colonists of the United States drafted what? 

They drafted a constitution that entrusted responsibility for general issues to a federal government, reserved authority for local issues for individual states, and pushed for the admission of states


What did the Declaration of Independence promote, and what happened withit

It promoted equality of all people, but most states restricted that, and limited the amount of votes a man could get


While working to settle constitutional issues, residents of the United states also began to do what? 

expand rapidly to the west 


How did the United States get new lands? 

Britain ceded alll of their lands to the United States after the American revolution so it was between the Appalachian Mountains and the Missisippi


Why did Napoleon his lands? 

Because France needed money to protect itself, so he gave the Louisiana Territory 


Who were the explorers who wanted to explore America

Louis Meriwether and William Clark 


Westward Expanison brought settlers and government forces into conflict with who?

Indegenous people


Whose support did the Indigenous people have? 

They had the support from the british,in Canada 


What was some persecution of the Native Americans? 

The Indian Removal Act of 1830-the United States government determined to move all the native Americans west of the Mississippi. The Trail of Tears. 


Which Native American tribes possesed firearms? 

Sioux, Comache, Pawnee 


What weapons aided the US in the fight against the Native Americans? 

Gatling Gun 


What was one symbolic battle that took place with the US and the indegenous people? 

It was the Battle at  Wounded Knee Creek. In South Dakota. THe Sioux adopted the Ghost dance, that scared many American people. so, US cavalry forces chased the Sioux who were fleeing to safety in the South Dakota Badlands. A Sioux man accidently shot off a gun, which scared a lot of poepl


Westward expanison also generated tension between which two territories

Between the United States and Mexico 


What did Mexico include during that time> 

It included Texas, California, and NEw Mexico  

New Mexcio is the American Southwest at this point


Texas declared independence from Mexcio in 1836, and the United States accepted the territory as a state in 1845. This rapidly escalated into the what? 

Mexican- American War. It was known as la intervencon noteamericano, la guerra del 47 


Treaty of Guadalupe: 

United States took possession of approximately 1/2 of Mexico's territories, paying  a mere 15 million in exchange


How did Manifest Destiy create problems within the republic? 


1. The Enlightenment ideal of equlity clearly suggested that the appropirate policy was to abolish slavery, but the framers of the Constitution recognized the sancity of private property including slaves 


Why did slavery continue

Well, for starters, opponents had dreamed the institution would die iwth th decline of tobacco, but it rose with cotton and indigo 


Missouri COmpromise of 1820 

As the numbers of slaves grew, the anitslavery forces fought to limit the spread of slavery to new territories


The election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency did what? 

Ignited a spark between the states. Lincoln was an explicity  sectional candidate that was convinced slavery was immoral and was commited to free terrtiories without slaves 


Although slavery stood at the center of the conflict, the civil war revolved around issues such as 

Nature of the Union, States rights as opposed to the federal government, and the imperatives of a budding industrial capitalist


What isolated the southern sates from the Union's development? 

The Cultivation of Cototn as a cash crop that had islated the southern states from the economic adevelopment s the rest o f the United States experieneced 


What did products also explain about the south

most of the products they consumed were from Britian, so obvi..they didn't think that they needed the other crops


Emancipation Proclamation 

made the abolition of slavery an explicit goal of the war. So the southerners finally had something to fight for


Did Canada fight a war for indeoendence? 

No. cause they are peacful. 


How did Canada's independence come about? 

It came when the Canadians and the British government agreed on a general principal of autonomy. THe distinctiveness of the two dominant ethnic groups, the British Canadians and theFrench Canadians ensured that the process of building an independent society would not be smooth 


What really subdued the people in Canada and caused them to come together?

Feers of US expansion 


What was the history of Canada? 

It was originally colnized by trappers and settler s form both Britain and Frnce, the colony of NEw France passed into the British Empire. 


How was French culture incorporated into Cnada?

The Roamn Catholic church was recognized. 


War of 1812

Ethnic divisions and political differences could easily of splintered canada, but the war of 1812 stimulated a sense of unity against an external threat


Why did the United States declare war on Great Britian? 

Becase of encroachments on the US rights during the Napoleonic wars. Canada was one of the Front lines, nad hte British colony of Canada formed one of the front lines durig the war 


Who was George Lambton? 

Durham report, issued by him. e was the first earl of Durham and hte recent governor- general and lord high commissioner of Canada. He advocated self government 


British Norht America Act of 1867 joined

Quebec, ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswik and recognized them as teh Dominion of Canada. Other provinces joined the Dominion later. 


What did each province have/

It had its own seat of government, provincial legislature and lieutenant governnor representing the British crown 


What was teh Canadian Federal Government like? 

It had a house of commons and an appointed seanate.


John A. Macdonald became the first prime minister of Canada, and he moved to incorporate all of...into the Domnion 

British North American. He negotiated the Purchase of the Northwest Territories. 


What did Simon Bolivar want? 

He worked for the establishment of a large confederation that would provide Latin America with the political, military, and ecnomic strength to resist encroachment by foreign powes


What did the Creole elites do? 

They established republics with written constitutions for the newly independent states of Latin America, yet constitutions were much more difficult to frame in Latin America, than in the United States 


What did Latin America not have? 

They did not have enough experience governing.Before gaining independence..


Creole elits dominated the newly independent states and effectively did what? 

Prevented mass participation in public affairs. less than 5 percent of the male population was active in Latin American politics in the ninteenth century 


What did Latin American elites divide themselves into? 

Different camps as liberals or conservatives, centralists, or federalists, secularists,or Roman Catholics


What was one thing that elites agreed on? 

The policy of claiming American land for agriculture and ranching. That meant pushing aside indegenous peoples and establishing htemselves there.


Where was conflict most intense? 

It was most intese in Argentina and Chile 


What did division and discord in the newly independent states help? (who)(

It helped the Caudilios or regional military leaders come to power in much of Latin America. The wars of independence had lasted well over a decade and they provided latin America with military heros


Juan Manuel de Rosas 

ruled from 1829-1852 an Argentina bady divided between the cattle herding and guacho societies 


Rosas emerged form the world of cattle ranching and th ehurban elite of ____ which city 

Buenos Aires 


What did Rosas call for? 

He called for regional autonomy in an attempt to reconcile competing interests, but he worked to centralized the government he usurped. 


What was Rosas called? 

He was called  the Argentine ENro and they accused him of launching a reign of terror to stifle opposition. One wrter compiled a chart that counted the number of his victims


What did Rosas do? 

He restored order, in doing so, he made terror a tule of the government and he ruled as a despot through his own personal army 


How did Rosas embody winning personality traits 

He had his physical strength and machismo. Al


What did Caudillos do that gave rise to opposition> 

Limited freedom and undermined republican ideals , it sometimes also gave rise to an opposition that aimed to over throw them