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NADPH oxidase deficiency
susceptible to catalase producing organisms (host H202 not converted to reactive oxygen species, instead is bacteria substrate)

chronic granulomatous disease


forms large golden colonies on gross exam (colonies of pigmented bacteria)

s. AUreus = gold


yellow (sulfur) granules on gross exam (colonies of pigmented bacteria surrounded by neutrophils)

actinomyces israeli

israel has yellow sand


blue-green pigment on gross exam (colonies of pigmented bacteria)

pseudomonas aeruginosa

pseudomonas is associated with water and air: hot tub faliculitis, burn infections, sweaty sneakers
AERUGala = green


red pigment on gross exam (colonies of pigmented bacteria)

serratia marcescens

maraschino cherry = red


skin infections caused by s. pyogenes (group A strep) and s. aureus

cellulitis: deep skin infection (warm, tender, red, edema)
impetigo: superficial skin infection (red, small vesicles or blisters, vesicles can rupture and leak yellow fluid "honey-crusted" lesion", skin/face/mouth/cheeks


most common aerobic skin flora

staph epidermidis

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