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Any accommodation made on the basis of religion or in accordance with the American disabilities act must be made in ______.



If experiencing harassment, Employees are expected to talk with there supervisors, other managers, or the city of Portland's _________ __________ / _______ ________ office.

Diversity development/ affirmative-action


Supervisors receiving complaints of harassment are expected to conduct a thorough investigation in conjunction with who?

Human resources business partner


Verbal or physical conduct that is derogatory or shows hostility is defined as what?



shunning by coworkers is defined as what?



If an officer receives a complaint of harassment they should contact the human resources business partner within how many days?

No later than two working days


Supervisors and managers are expected to contact human resources personnel even if the person making the complaint requested that it be kept confidential. It is important that the officer notify the complainant of what?

Confidentiality may not be feasible


If you make a complaint of harassment to the union, does this satisfy the requirement to notify human resources?



If an employee feels they have been harassed, failure to report could affect their ______.



If an employee does not feel comfortable reporting harassment to their supervisor, Who can they report to?

1. Their supervisors manager
2. EEO representative
3. Bureau of human resources staff
4. Diversity/affirmative action office
5. Chief of the bureau


Is a supervisor allowed to discuss options for informally resolving a complaint?

Yes but it's not a required first step


Who should an officer contact if they received a complaint of harassment?

Human resource business partner


An officer should document what action and resolution efforts taken after receiving a complaint, and report these findings to what three people?

1. The complaint
2. Appropriate management personnel
3. The accused


If a complaint of harassment or discrimination is filed with the state court system or federal agency who will handle the complaint?

Risk manager and the city of Portland attorneys office


An employee who receives an external notice of complaint of harassment needs to immediately forward that complaint where?

Risk management


What 4 people have the authority to settle a discrimination complaint in cooperation with one another?

Director of human resources
Chief of the bureau
Commissioner in charge
Portland's Attorney office

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