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What are 3 things that D3 coaches have to deal with?

Lower budget
Paid less
Cannot give scholarships to players


Basic purpose of NCAA

Make sure sports are a PART of education and does NOT erase the importance of education


When and between which schools was the first intercollegiate football game?

November 6th 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton


What is the big ten conference (include year)

Conference formed by college faculty to create student eligibility rules for football in 1895


Intercollegiate athletics were started by ------



Who was the first coach to be hired for a intercollegiate athletic team?

William Wood


What are 5 reasons why D1 schools want to change conferences?

exposure from TV contracts
- more revenue from TV
- hard for schools to make money
- hard for school to schedule games
-ability for conference to hold football championship


What was the very first intercollegiate event in the United States? (Include sport and school)

Crew race between Harvard and Yale


What does APR stand for

Academic progress rate


What is the main function of an athletic director?

Look out for interest and development of institutional policies and financial affairs

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