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Chapter 1- Cells- cell theory
Outline the cell theory,
What evidence for the cell is the...,
What 2 types of cells do not conf...
39  cards
Chapter 2- Biochemistry- chemical elements and water
Most frequent element carbon what...,
What are the most frequently occu...,
Most frequent chemical hydrogen w...
38  cards
Chapter 2-biochemistry- Carbohydrates, Lipids and Protein
What don t they contain,
What do inorganic compounds contain,
What are inorganic compounds made of
51  cards
Chapter 2- Biochemistry- DNA Structure
What are adenine and guanine,
What are the 2 complementary bases,
What are thymine and cytosine
13  cards
Chapter 2- Biochemistry- DNA Replication
What do the newly single strands ...,
What does helicase do,
What is dna polymerase
9  cards
Chapter 2- Biochemistry- Transcription/Translation
Where does translation occur,
Where does transcription occur,
What are the differences between ...
31  cards
Chapter 1 Cells- Prokaryotic Cells
Definition of cell wall,
Draw and label a prokaryotic cell,
What does cell plasma membrane de...
17  cards
Chapter 1- Cells- Eukoryotic Cells
Definition of nucleus,
Draw and label eukaryotic cells,
Definition of ribosomes
19  cards
Chapter 1- Cells- Membranes
Draw structure of a phospholipid,
Draw and label the structure of m...,
Explain how the hydrophilic and h...
37  cards
Chapter 1- Cell Division
What is mitosis,
What is interphase g1,
What is s phase
24  cards
Chapter 3 - Genetics- Chromosomes/ Genes/ Alleles
What do eukaryotic chromosomes fo...,
What are eukaryotic chromosome co...,
Eukaryotic chromosomes packed tog...
16  cards
Chapter 3- Genetics- Meosis
State that meiosis is a reduction...,
State that meiosis is a reduction...,
State that meiosis is a reduction...
32  cards
Chapter 3- Genetics- Theoretical Genetics
Define phenotype,
Define genotype,
Define dominant allele
61  cards
ChApter 3- Genetics- Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology
When is pcr useful,
What do pcr do,
What are the 3 steps of pcr
42  cards
Chapter 4- Ecology And Ecosystems- Communities And Eco-systems
Define habitat,
Define population,
Define community
42  cards
Chapter 4- Ecologies And Ecosystems- The Green House Effect
How does photosynthesis aid in ho...,
How does feeding aid in how carbo...,
How does respiration aid in how c...
31  cards
Chapter 4- Ecologies And Ecosystems- Populations
How does natality affect populati...,
How does immigration affect popul...,
How does molarity affect populati...
15  cards
Chapter 2- Molecules To Metabolism
What do nuclei canids comprise of,
What are some examples of the rol...,
What does the fact that carbon at...
21  cards
Chapter 2 - Water
What is polar covalent bond,
What is water,
Why is water polar covalent bond
21  cards
Chapter 2- Carbohydrates And Lipids
What are 3 examples of monosaccha...,
What are monosaccharides,
What are disaccharides made of
30  cards
Chapter 2- Proteins
Draw a condensation reaction of t...,
What does the condensation reacti...,
What bond is formed
31  cards
Chapter 2 - Enzymes
Enzymes are what,
What are the substances that enzy...,
What is enzyme substrate specificity
17  cards
Chapter 2- Structures Of DNA And RNA
What are the three parts of a nuc...,
What does the sugar consists of,
What does the phosphate group con...
15  cards
Chapter 2- DNA Replication, Transcription And Translation
The base sequence on the template...,
Why can t a nucleotide with the w...,
What does helicase do
30  cards
Chapter 2- Cell Respiration
In humans what is the source of t...,
How is atp made,
What are the main types of cell a...
12  cards
Chapter 2- Photosynthesis
What is light made up of,
Visible light has a range of what,
What does chlorophyll absorb and ...
14  cards
Chapter 3- Genes
How many dna molecules in a cell,
Where are genes located,
Who is gregor mendel and what did...
23  cards
chapter 3- Chromosomes
What is john cairns technique for...,
What type of proteins do eukaryot...,
In eukaryote species what chromos...
17  cards
Chapter 3- Meiosis
Why is meiosis known as reduction...,
What does the halving of chromoso...,
What is fertilisation
24  cards
Chapter 3- Inheritance
What are gametes,
What does the fusion of gametes r...,
What are the three alleles for ab...
33  cards
Chapter 4-species, Communites And Ecosystem
What is interbreeding,
What is crossbreeding,
What are the offspring produced b...
31  cards
Chapter 4- Enery Flow
How can living organisms harvest ...,
What are the three groups of auto...,
What are several groups of hetero...
18  cards
Chapter 4 - Carbon Cycle
What is the current carbon dioxid...,
And aquatic habitats how is carbo...,
What is absorbed by aquatic plant...
25  cards
Chapter 4- Climate Change
How is carbon dioxide formed and ...,
How is water vapour formed and re...,
What are other green house gases
22  cards
Chapter 5- Evolution And Biodiversity
What is th mechanism of evolution,
What provides evidence for evolution,
There are 3 parts of evidence of ...
19  cards
Chapter 5- Natural Selection
Why does natural selection depend...,
There are 3 causes of variations ...,
There are 3 causes of variations ...
13  cards
Chapter 5- Classification Of Biodiversity
What were the series of congresse...,
How does the binomial system work,
What are the 4 rules of the binom...
18  cards
Chapter 5- Cladistics
How can evidence of a species whi...,
Species that have recent common a...,
What does the fact that sequence ...
13  cards
Chapter 6- Digestion And Absoprtion
What prevents food being pushed b...,
What controls the contraction alo...,
What is the main function of peri...
19  cards
Chapter 6- The Blood System
What did arteries do,
What do arteries do in depth,
What are the two tissues in the w...
42  cards
Chapter 6- Defence Against Infectious Diseases
What are microbes that cause dise...,
How does skin act as a primary de...,
How does much mucous membranes ac...
24  cards
Chapter 6- Gas Exhange
In humans where does gas exchange...,
How does gas exchange happen betw...,
What are type i pneumocytes
21  cards
Chapter 6- Gas Exhange
In humans where does gas exchange...,
How does gas exchange happen betw...,
What are type i pneumocytes
21  cards
Chapter 6- Neurons And Synapses
What are the two systems in the b...,
What does the endocrine system co...,
What does the nervous system cons...
29  cards
Chapter 6- Hormones, Homeostatis And Reproduction
What do cells in the pancreas res...,
Pancreas has two glands 1 secrete...,
Explain the role of alpha cells i...
30  cards
Chapter 7- Human Nutrition
What are examples of some essenti...,
Why are some nutrients essential ...,
Examples of no essential nutrients
45  cards
Chapter 7- Digestion
What other chemical is controlled...,
How does the secretion of gastric...,
What do exocrine glands secrete a...
26  cards
Chapter 7- Function Of Liver
What are sinusoids,
What does the hepatic artery divi...,
What is one of the main functions...
18  cards
Paper 3 - 6 Main Praticals
Use of a light microscope to inve...,
Use of a light microscope to inve...,
Use of a light microscope to inve...
32  cards
Chapter 7- The Heart
Similarities and differences of s...,
Explain adaptions of cardiac musc...,
Adaptions of intercalated disc
22  cards
Application - Chapter 1
Questioning the cell theory using...,
Questioning the cell theory using...,
Investigation of functions of lif...
17  cards
Application- Chapter 2
Comparison of the thermal propert...,
Use of water as a coolant in sweat,
Use of water as a coolant in swea...
10  cards
Application- Chapter 3
Comparison of diploid chromosomes...,
Non disjunction can cause down sy...,
Gene transfer to bacteria with pl...
5  cards
Application- Chapter 4
Threats to coral reefs from incre...
1  cards
Application- Chapter 5
Classification of one plant and o...,
External recognition features of ...,
External recognition features of ...
17  cards
Application - Chapter 6
Processes occurring in the small ...,
Processes occurring in the small ...,
Use of dialysis using to model ab...
10  cards
The Heart
What are the two chambers in the ...,
What are the two valves in the tw...,
Where does oxygenated blood flow
9  cards
Male Reproductive System
7  cards
Female Reproductive System
5  cards
Digestive System
8  cards
Unit 10 SG: Microorganisms & infectious Diseases
0  cards
10  cards
Bile what,
Bile why
3  cards
Carbohydrates, Fats/lipids, Protein
Fats lipids,
3  cards

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