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What are the two chambers in the two sides of the heart called and there function

Ventricle that pumps blood out into the arteries and an atrium that collects blood from the the veins and passes it to the ventricle


What are the two valves in the two halfs of the heart and there functions

An atrioventricular valve between the atrium and the ventricle and a semilunar valve between the ventricle and the artery


Where does oxygenated blood flow?

Into the left side of the heart through the pulmonary veins from the lungs and out through the aorta


Where does dexoygeated blood flow?

Into the left side of the heart through the vena cava and out in the pulmonary ateries


Explain a cardiac cycle:

1)Atria contracts - pumps blood from atria to ventricles through open atrioventricular valves
2) semilunar valves are closed and no more blood is pumped in


Explain a cardiac cycle:
0.1- 0.15

1) ventricles contract that causes atrioventricular valves to close
2) semilunar valve remains closed


Explain a cardiac cycle:

1) pressure in the ventricle rises above pressure in arteries so the semilunar valve opens and blood is pumped from the ventricles into the arteries
2) pressure rises in atria as blood drains into them from the veins and they fill


Explain a cardiac cycle:


1) semilunar valve closes due to drop in pressure
2) atrioventricular valves remain closed


Explain a cardiac cycle:

1) atrioventricular valves open as pressure drops in ventricles
2) blood from veins drain into the atria and there into ventricles

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