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What do PCR do?

It's a way of producing large quantities of specific target sequences of DNA


When is PCR useful?

When only a small amount of DNA is available eg crime scenes samples of blood, semen or tissue


What are the 3 steps of PCR?

1)denaturation- DNA sample is heated to separate into 2 strands
2)annealing- DNA primers attach to opposite ends of the target sequence
3)elongation- a heat tolerant DNA polymerase (Taq) copied the strand


One cycle of PCR results in what?

2 identical copies of DNA


What is gel electrophoresis?

A technique which is used to separate fragments of DNA according to size


How are DNA chopped on gel electrophoresis?

With enzymes


What is the process of gel electrophoresis?

1) samples of DNA are placed in wells of agarose Jel
2) gel is placed in buffering solution and an electrical current is passed across the gel
3)DNA, being negatively charged (due to phosphate) moves to a positive terminus (anode)


How does gel electrophoresis separate DNA according do size

Smaller fragments are less impeded by gel matrix and moves faster so fragment are separated according to size


30 cycles of PCR can result in a yield of how many copies?



How can size be calculated in gel electrophoresis?

Size can be caliualted in kilobase by comparing it against a known jndustry standard


Draw the process of gel electrophoresis


What is gel electrophoresis used for when separated into sizes?

Process of matching an unknown sample of DNA which a known sample to see if they correspond-- it's called DNA profiling


If after gel electrophoresis the pattern of bands formed by 2 samples are identical what does it mean?
If patters are similar what does it mean for the 2 individuals?

If identical= same person
If similar= related


When can DNA profiling be used

In paternity suits when the identity of someone's biological father is needed of crime scenes collect blood etc


What can gel electrophoresis helpful in the environment

Use DNA samples taken from birds etc to see which animals are related etc


How does gel electrophoresis work in paternity testing?

Children inherit half of their alleles from each parents and thus should posses a combination of parent alleles


How does gel electrophoresis work in forensic investigation?

Suspect DNA should be a completes tvh with a sample take from a crime scene if a conviction is to occur


What is the human genome project?

Set out to sequence the complete human genome


What is a genome?

Is a catalogue of all the bases it possesses (3 billion base pairs ~25,000 genes)


What are 4 outcomes of the completed human genome project?

Mapping, screening and ancestry and medicine


The 4 outcomes mapping,screening and ancestry and medicine- explain how there useful?

Mapping; know the number,location and basic sequence of human genes
Screening: allowed for the production of specific gene probes to detect sufferers and carriers of genetic disease conditions
Ancestry: gives us improved insight into the origins,evolution and historical migratory patterns of humans
Medicine: discovery of new proteins and their function, we can develop improved treatments (pharmacogenetics, drug design)


What is gene transfer?

The technique of taking a gene out of the organism (donor organism eg fish) and placing it j to a another organism (eg tomato) made the tomato more resistant to cold


The genetic code is universal how is that useful in gene transfer?

Means every living organisms has the same codons (A,T,C,G) for the same amino acids therfore means genetic information from 1 organism can be translated by another


What is an example of gene transfer and the process?

Make human insulin
1) plasmid is remove from host
2) plasmid Is cut open using a restriction endonuclease
3) gene is pasted into plasmid using DNA ligase--> plasmid is now called a recombinant plasmid and can be used as a vector, a tools for introducing new gene into organisms genetic make up
4) finally vector is placed inside host bacterial and the bacterium is give idea conditions to grow and proliferate


Where is the bacterium put once the new vector is in it?

A bioreactor, a vat of nutritious liquid kept at a warm temperatures


The process of gene transfer has allowed e.coli do successfully do what?

Make human insuline


Why is it better to use gene transfer for insulin rather than from pigs or cow carcasses?

Causes allergy problems and the other way foesnt


What are 2 examples of current uses for modified crops?

1) engineering crops to extend shelf life of fresh produce
2) engineering crops to protect itself from insects


Give an example of an engineered crop to extend shelf life

Tomatoes (flavr savr) hve been engineered to have an extended keeping quality by switching off the gene for ripening and thus delaying the natural process of softening fruit


Give example of engineering crops to protect insects

Maze crops (Bt corn) have been engineered to be toxic to the corn borer by introducing a toxin gene from a bacterium (bacillus thurgrienis)

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