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Comparison of diploid chromosomes numbers of Homo sapiens, pan troglodytes, Canis familiaris, oryza stativa, parascarsis equorum

1) 4
2) 24
3) 46
4) 48
5) 78


Non- disjunction can cause Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities

Trisomy 18
Trisomy 13
Klineflelter's syndrome is caused by having the sex chromosome XXY
Turners syndrome is caused by having only one sex chromosome X


Gene transfer to bacteria with plasmids using restriction endonuclease and DNA ligase

1) plasmid is record from host
2) plasmid is cut open using a restriction endonuclease
3) gene is pasted into plasmid using DNA ligase --> plasmid is now called a recombinant plasmid and can be used as a vector, a tool for introducing new gene into organisms genetic make up
4) vector is placed inside host bacterial and the bacterium is given ideal conditions to grow and proliferate- produces insulin
5) separation and purification of human insulin
6) ready to inject


Seven step process for cloning

1) somatic cell (non gamete) from udder was collected and cultured as nucleus was removed
2) unfertilised egg collected from another sheep nucleus removed
3) using zap of electrical current, egg cell and nucleus from cultured somatic cell are fused together
4) new cell developed in vitro in similar way to zygote and started to form embryo
5) embryo placed in womb of surrogate mother sheep
6) embryo developed normally
7) dolly was born


Comparison of genome size of T2 phage, escherichia Coli, drosophila melangaster, Homo sapiens, Paris japonica

1) 0.18
2) 5
3) 140
4) 3,000
5) 150,000

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