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what is the legal definition of a family according to Stats canada?

Married people with children, common law relationship with children, single parent with children


What is the CAS of Toronto's definition of family?

anyone with a meaningful relationship with a child.


Define a nuclear family

A family consisting of a husband, wife, and children. often referred to as the standard north american family


what are the two forms of the nuclear family?

the family of orientation and the family of procreation


what is the family of orientation?

the family one is born into and raised in


what is the family of procreation?

family formed through marriage or cohabitation in which the children are raised


what is extended family?

the nuclear family and all relatives


how can definition of family be personal?

1. close friends can be considered family
2. some biological members can become disowned for various reasons


what do family theories influence?

they influence government policy, methods of therapy, and societies view of family


what three questions are asked about theories of family?

1. what does the theory say about the relationships within a family
2. does the theory show how family and society influence each other
3. how has the theory affected government policy, social agencies


what is the macro lens

Looking at the big picture, studies how society values shape the family


what is the micro lens

focuses on the individuals or the small groups, emphasizes relationships within individual families


Define the structural functionalist theory

The family is viewed as an institution among other institutions in society, life school, workplace, and healthcare system


According to the structural functionalist theory, what are the five functions the family performs in society

1. Reproduction
2. Socialization
3. Social placement
4. Economic support
5. Emotional support


According to structural functionalist theory, what occurs when a family performs its functions well

Social stability


What what the structural functionalist theory say about role specialization

Increases efficiency of the family functioning


What are the strengths of the structural functionalist theory

Relates families to society an institution among other institutions among other institutions
Has long been the basis of for providing social services for families


What are the weaknesses of the structural functionalist theory? (4)

1. No clear explanation of why family and society changes
2. Ignores topics of sexual violence and family abuse
3. monolithic bias
4. Assumes society has one set of norms and values


Define monolithic bias

The tendency to hold all families to one correct form of how a family should be and act. Any other types are considered abnormal or defective


Define Conflict theory (3)

1. macro perspective
2. Particularly concerned with power relationships and inequality
3. The family institution competes with other social institutions for scarce resources


Strengths of conflict theory (2)

Explains how family and society changes as a result of shifts and balances in power.

Interactions between family and other institutions are not harmless


Weaknesses of conflict theory

Cannot demonstrate how family contributes to society, and doesn't explain why family and social values change slowly