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mate selection is divided into what two basic streams?

decided by the couple, or decided by the families of the couple


Define arranged marriages

everyone around you, in particular you family, is involved in choosing your life partner


what culture advocates arranged marriages?

South Asians


what percentage of second generation south Asians rely on their parents to pick them a spouse?



define forced marriage?

a marriage where one or both people are coerced into a marriage against their will. Free and informed consent is not present`


what is the western ideal when it comes to marriage and family?

You are responsible for your own family and how you choose to go about it, and if it fails, you should not expect your family to help you


Free choice of marriage was encouraged by what three phases of early canadian life

Exploration of the wilderness, Establishment of new settlements, and growth of larger towns and cities


On the frontier, how else was free choice encouraged over arranged marriage?

Young men often went off enterprising by themselves.
On the frontier, the compatibility of the partner often depended on how easily they could adapt and survive in the harsh environment, families were not present to help decide, choice came to the individual


Define the choice relationship continuum

refers to the idea that arranged marriages and free-choice marriages lie along the same continuum, with arranged at one end and free-choice at the other


The experience of relationship continuum definition

Marriage as an exchange at one end, marriage as a shared emotion at the other end


Define the complementary needs hypothesis

individuals are attracted to individuals to who complement them


Define the social exchange theory

people evaluate the potential success of a relationship based on a variety of comparisons (such as socioeconomic status, attractiveness)


what are men more likely to emphasize when considering a relationship?

Material assets


What are women more likely to emphasize when considering a relationship?

physical attractiveness


What are the legal barriers of marriage?

No polygamy or incest


Define endogamy

Marrying just within your own ethnic group


Define exogamy

marrying outside of your ethnic group


Assortative mating definition

process of choosing a mate based on certain traits


What does freud have to say about mate choice?

Romantic attraction is strongly based on the personality traits of one's parents


Define Homogamy

We marry those similar to ourselves relative to age, socioeconomic status, religion


Define propinquity

physical and geographical closeness


Define status-caste exchange theory (proposed in 1940s)

Black men would hardly ever marry white women of the same SES. Black men of higher SES would marry women of lower SES, since his greater welath would "compensate" for the woman marrying into a lower class of people