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The _____ tariff was implemented in the early 1930s that to protect American business from foreign competition which led to retaliatory tariffs and a further slowing of the world economy and a deepening depression.

Hawley-Smoot Tariff


Over _____ and under _____ were the root cause of the Great Depression in the US

supply during the 1920s....low consumer demand


This occurred in the great plains during the 1930s leading to a worsening of the Great Depression.

Dust bowl caused by a drought.


During the 1920s, people purchased items they could not pay for using this unique for the time period purchasing scheme.

installment now, pay over time


The stock market experienced an extended and unnatural ______ market during the 1920s.

Bull or increasing stock market


The stock market crashed on this day.

October 29, 1929 or Black Tuesday


This was President Hoover's program to loan money for public works programs but was too little and too late to make a meaningful impact to end the Great Depression.

Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)


President Hoover was reluctant to pump government money into the economy to ease the suffering of the Great Depression because he worried about ______

Government budget deficits...when government spends more money than it has.


President Hoover believed that Relief for people suffering from the Great Depression should be _______ in scope, not ______.

Local programs...not national programs


A ______ was the name for shantytowns of unemployed hobos that seem to grow in size during the Great Depression.



A _______ occurs with too many people all want access to their savings at one time and occurred with greater frequency than ever before in 1932 was the Great Depression worsened.

Bank run when banks have to close their doors because they no longer have cash to give to depositors.


The _______ party organized many hunger marches as protests against the worsening of the Great Depression.

Communist party


Many people called ______ migrated to California seeking employment and to escape the Dust Bowl of the midwest during the 1930s.

Okies...because many came from the drought impoverished state of Oklahoma


The _______ wanted their promised pensions paid in 1932 rather than in 1945 and thus came to Washington to pressure Congress into granting some type of relief.

Bonus Army


General _____ was sent by President Hoover to disperse the Bonus Army from their protests in Washington D.C. in 1932.

General Douglas MacArthur


This cartoon by Walt Disney was a fantasy feature length film that allowed many Americans to forget their troubles for a little while at the cinema.

Snow White


This feature length film brought hope of a return to the "Good Old Days" before the Great Depression.

Gone With the Wind


This science fiction movie allowed the public to embrace adventure and fantasy rather than face the hopelessness of the Great Depression.

King Kong


The _______ Brothers produced the slap stick comedy entitled ________ during the Great Depression allowing audiences to laugh during a time of great suffering.

Marx Brother's film "Animal Crackers"


These were radio dramas that became an outlet for cheap entertainment during the Great Depression.

Soap Operas


This was a board game used to allow player feel rich during a time when no one seemed to have any money.



These were private charities set up in many towns and cities to feed the unemployed and homeless during the Great Depression.

Soup Kitchens


This graphic best demonstrates a _____

Okie from the Dust Bowl during

The Great Depression


This graphic best describes ____

The results of the great drought commonly refered to as the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression


This graphic best shows _____

A soup kitchen from the Great Depression Era


This graphic best shows ___

The effects of Black Tuesday and the Stock Market Crash of October 29, 1929


This graphic is best associated with _____

The efforts of a Bonus Army protest marcher to earn a little money because Congress would not pay the World War I veteran's promised Bonus in 1932


What does this graphic demonstrate?

President Hoovers policies to solve the Great Depression have been rejected by the American people in 1932.


What phrase is best associated with Herbert Hoover in this graphic?

Hoover's efforts to solve the Great Depression is 

"Too Little, Too Late!"