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The Northern Rhône lies between which two cities?

Vienne and Valence


What is the climate of the Northern Rhône?

Continental. Northern Rhône benefits from its southerly position but experiences greater seasonal temperature shifts, more rainfall, and fewer annual hours of sunshine than the southern appellations.


Describe the Mistral.

It is a cold, dry wind -- a defining climatic element of the Southern Rhône and Provence -- that blows down from the Massif Central and affects the Northern Rhône in winter and spring. Although the wind is strong enough to strip the vines it dries the vineyards, preventing mold and mildew from taking hold.


What are the soils like in the Northern Rhône?

Heat-retaining granitic and schistous soils with fine sand and loess topsoil, moving into clay in St-Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage and St-Péray.


Condrieu has its own special topsoil. What is it?

A thin topsoil that is rich with powdery, decomposed mica, known locally as arzelle.


What are the appellations in the Northern Rhône from north to south?

Côte-Rôtie Condrieu St. Joseph Crozes-Hermitage Hermitage Cornas St. Péray Clairette de Die Châtillon-en-Diois


Which appellation is 100% Syrah?



In Côte-Rôtie, how much Viognier can be added?



In Crozes-Hermitage and Hermitage, what other grapes can be added?

Up to a combined total of 15% Marsanne and Roussanne.


In St.-Joseph, what other grapes can be added?

Up to a combined total of 10% Marsanne and Roussanne.


Who is the largest producer in Côte-Rotie?

E. Guigal


What are the two slopes nearest Ampuis that are considered the heart of the appellation’s terroir?

Côte Brune and Côte Blonde


What are Guigal's La La wines?

La Landonne, La Mouline (this is a fantasy name, not a parcel), La Turque (a parcel not far from La Landonne).


Where is La Landonne?

It's a parcel on the Côte Brune.


Which way does the hill of Hermitage face?



Who are the dominant producers on the hill of Hermitage?

Jean-Louis Chave and the négociants Delas, M. Chapoutier and Jaboulet


What are the 6 important climats of Hermitage?

L’Hermite Le Méal Les Bessards Gréffieux Beaume Péléat


Cornas is one of the ___est appellations in the Northern Rhône.

warmest -- it is all granite and Mistral.


What are the 4 lieux-dits of Cornas?

Les Reynards, La Côte, Les Chaillot, and Les Mazards


What is the smallest appellation of the Northern Rhône?

Cornas, followed by Hermitage


August Clape is in which appellation?



St.-Péray produces exclusively:

White grapes, Marsanne and Roussanne, which may be made in méthode traditionelle mousseux style.


What's the name of the dried white dessert style wine in the Northern Rhône?

Vin de Paille, made from Marsanne and/or Roussanne.


Name some top Condrieu producers:

André Perret Georges Vernay Yves Cuilleron François Villard


Name some top Côte-Rôtie producers:

Jamet Jasmin Léon Barroul René Rostaing


What did it mean when a wine was hermitagé?

When a wine had Hermitage added to it for colour and strength.


Is Château Grillet the smallest appellation in France?

No - La Romanée in Burgundy is.


What are the two styles of sparkling wines in Clairette de Die?

méthode traditionnelle and méthode Dioise ancestrale Méthode traditionnelle wines are basically brut in style, with a maximum 15 grams per liter of sugar after dosage and are 100% Clairette. Dioise ancestrale requires its rustic sparkling wines to contain a minimum 75% Muscat à Petit Grains. The méthode ancestrale is an old technique of sparkling wine production wherein the wine is bottled without dosage before fermentation has concluded. The wines are disgorged into pressurized tanks and rebottled without liqueur d’expédition. A minimum 35 grams per liter residual sugar remains, implying demi-sec sweetness.


What are the grapes in Châtillon-en-Diois AOP?

reds are Gamay, whites are Chardonnay and Aligoté.


What is the capital of the Rhône département?



Other than the Côte du Rhône AOP, what is the southernmost appellation of the Northern Rhône?

Chatillon en Diois (Gamay based reds and roses, whites based on CH and Aligote)


What appellations of the Northern Rhône are located along the Drôme River?

Coteaux de Die - whites based on Clairette

Cremant de Die - whites based on Clairette

Clairette de Die - sparkling Méthode Dioise Ancestrale (no liqueur d’expédition, minimum 35 grams per litre residual sugar remains, giving a demi-sec finish, made from minimum 75% Muscat à Petit Grains + Clairette) and Méthode Traditionnelle (produced from 100% Clairette brut in style, with a max 15 grams per litre of RS after dosage)

Chatillon en Diois


What are the two major soil types of Saint-Joseph?

Granitic/schistous and clay


What is the difference between encépagement and assemblage?

encépagement is the grape composition of a vineyard or wine

assemblage is the blend of grapes in the wine