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Metabolism and Nutrition
What is the metabolism of alcohol,
Why is acetaldehyde buildup toxic,
64  cards
Cells and Diseases
What structure is cancer a diseas...,
What structure is virus a disease of,
How does aging affect the body
12  cards
Plasma membrane
What is the function of the membrane,
How is it energetically stable an...,
Why is it permeable
10  cards
What is a promoter gene,
What is an enhancer gene,
What is the terminator gene
87  cards
What are fluid compartments,
What is total body fluid,
Why do women and babies have lowe...
30  cards
Intro to Immune defenses
What are microbes,
What are the living microbes,
What are the non living microbes
64  cards
Why do cells need to perform sign...,
What are the different types of s...,
What is interferon
88  cards
Respiratory Sytem
What is the respiratory system,
What is the upper respiratory system,
What is the lower respiratory system
441  cards
Anatomy of muscles of mastication
What are the divisions of the gi ...,
What are capsules,
What are the three salivary glands
40  cards
Anatomy of the Oesophagus and Stomach
Where does the oesophagus run from,
What is the function of the levat...,
What is the function of the muscu...
21  cards
B3 Drugs
What is pharmacokinetics,
What is absorption,
What is pharmacodynamics
30  cards
Digestion of Carbs, Proteins and Fat
What are the features of the sali...,
What occurs in the mouth,
What are ebner s glands
37  cards
Anatomy of the Small intestine and Large Intestine
What are the mucosal layers of th...,
What are enterocytes,
What are the lacteal ducts
28  cards
Anatomy of the Abdominal Wall
What are the layers of the abdomen,
What is the composition of camper...,
What is scarpa s fasica
25  cards
What is the chances of that happening? (Statistics)
What is observed value,
What is random error,
What is an experimental unit
36  cards
Bile and Plasma Lipids
What are lipids,
What are the different classifica...,
How is bile secreted
23  cards
Liver and metabolism
What is metabolism,
What are the types of metabolism,
What is the composition of the liver
12  cards
Unknown stomach things
Gastroepiploic artery,
Left gastroepiploic artery,
Right gastroepiploic artery
4  cards
Embryology of GI tract
Pharyngeal arch 1,
Pharyngeal arch 2,
Pharyngeal arch 3
41  cards
Block 2 statistics
17  cards
genes things
Fluorouracil 5 fu,
Cytoxic drugs,
Mechanism of fluorouracil 5 fu
19  cards
Drug transporters
Ligand gated ion channel receptor,
24  cards
Type 1 collagen,
Type 2 collagen,
Type 3 collagen
5  cards
What are the layers of the gall b...,
Mucosa of gall bladder,
Tunica muscularis of gall bladder
24  cards
Cell components of Blood
What are the 4 body fluids,
What are the components of the ci...,
What is normal blood volume
55  cards
Mechanism of Anaemia
What is anaemia,
What are the signs of anaemia,
What is the indication of dark ur...
44  cards
Genetics of blood
What is blood type,
What is the role of antigens and ...,
What are the blood antigens
47  cards
Immunity and Haematological tissues
What is the site of haematopoiesi...,
What is the yellow marrow,
What is the red marrow
34  cards
Innate immunity and inflammatory process
What is innate immunity,
What are the advantages of innate...,
What are the non immunological ba...
41  cards
Anatomy of the Head and Neck
What is the vascularisation of th...,
What does the recurrent laryngeal...,
What does the hypoglossal nerve i...
37  cards
Coagulation Cascade
What is haemostasis and why does ...,
What is thrombosis and why does i...,
What is embolisation
86  cards
T cells and co-ordinating the immune system
How can we differentiate between ...,
What are the phenotypes of t cells,
What is cd and what is it used for
33  cards
B and T cell immunity
Where do b cells develop,
Where are memory b cells found,
What are antibodies
47  cards
What are the chances of that happening 2
What is observed value,
What is random error random error...,
What is bias
31  cards
Putting a figure on risk
What is the difference between a ...,
What is absolute risk,
How to calculate absolute risk
22  cards
Blood and body defences
What is a myeloproliferative neop...,
What are the signs of polycythemia,
What are the signs of polycythemia
45  cards
Hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity
What is the cause of hypersensiti...,
What is type 1 hypersensitivity,
What is type 2 hypersensitivity
60  cards
Pharmacology of anti-inflammatories and immunosuppressants
What is inflammation,
What is a metabolite,
What is the role of nsaids
34  cards
Anatomy of the skull
What is the nuchal line,
What is the occipital condyle,
What is the sella turcica
10  cards
PBL Block 4
What is chronic rejection,
How do t cells interact with the tcr,
What is acute rejection
11  cards
Block 4 formative feedback
Are b or t cells more abundant,
What is aplastic anaemia,
What is congenital spherocytosis
13  cards
Anatomy of scalp and vasculature
Muscle in the eye
2  cards
Development of the Brain, spinal cord and cranial nerves
What does the ectoderm give rise to,
What does the mesoderm give rise to,
What does the endoderm give rise to
28  cards
Activities of Daily living
0  cards
What is the locomotor system,
What are the advantages of the bi...,
What are the disadvantages
63  cards
Building and maintaining the skeleton
What is the role of the bone,
What is the origin of the skeleton,
What are mesenchymal cells
38  cards
Bone metabolism
What is bone remodelling,
What is the process of bone remod...,
How do osteoblasts become osteocytes
34  cards
anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
What is the axial skeleton,
What is the appendicular skeleton,
What is the shoulder girdle
28  cards
Action Potential
What is an action potential,
Which cells generate action poten...,
Why do action potentials occur
46  cards
Sensory and Motor Systems 1
Where does the spinal cord run from,
What are the vertebral enlargemen...,
What is the cauda equina
44  cards
Sensory and Motor Systems 2
Where does the gracile fasiculus ...,
Where does the cuneate fasiculus ...,
Which pathways follow conscious s...
52  cards
Pain and Nocioception
What is pain,
What is nociception,
What are the benefits of pain
76  cards
Unknown stuff about B5 W2: IMPORTANT
What does the trochlear and abduc...,
Which cranial nerves originate fr...,
What does the oculomotor control
19  cards
Spinal Reflex
What are the types of movement,
How does movement occur initiated...,
Where is automatic and reflex act...
39  cards
Anatomy of Vertebral column
What is the spinous process and t...,
What is the pedicle,
What is the vertebral arch
24  cards
Muscle Physiology
What is the primary muscle of the...,
What is the structure of skeletal...,
What is the epimysium
63  cards
Functional regions of the brain
What are the lobes of the brain,
What are the components of the hi...,
What are the depressions in the b...
53  cards
Localisation of cortical function
What does the grey matter contain,
What does the white matter contain,
What are the derivatives of the l...
41  cards
Basal Ganglia and cerebellum
What is the role of both the basa...,
What is the effect of damage to t...,
What is the effect off damage to ...
63  cards
Block 5 PBL extras
Where do the pyramidal tracts ori...,
What is the corticobulbar tract,
What is the criteria for determin...
36  cards
Difference between hemianopia and...
1  cards
Block 5 Formative Feedback
Which veins drain directly from t...,
What is the symptom of an upper m...,
What is social capita
8  cards
What are the layers of the skull,
Dense connective tissue,
Loose connective tissue
34  cards
Consciousness and Brain Activity
What is the neurological basis of...,
What is the reticular activating ...,
What is the consequences of damag...
34  cards
Principles of CNS Biochemistry
What is synaptic neurotransmission,
What are neurotransmitters,
What are the types of neurotransm...
114  cards
Which type of memory is affected ...,
How does memory occur,
What is attention bottleneck
22  cards
B1 W2 + partial W3 recall
What is the cap on the 5 end,
Pyramidine bases,
Purine bases
55  cards
Block 1 W3
Sinusoid capillaries
64  cards
B1 W4
What has no effect on the recepto...,
What connective tissue sheath sur...,
What is therapeutic window
44  cards
B2 W1
What is type 1 respiratory failure,
What is ventilation perfusion mis...,
What is type 2 respiratory failure
25  cards
B2 W2
What drives gas diffusion in the ...,
What are the branches of the aort...,
59  cards
B2 W3
Phase of cardiac action potential...,
Which leads give an anterior view...,
Septal view of heart from leads
41  cards
B2 W4
What do the common cardinal veins...,
What joins the endocardial cushio...,
What joins the primitive heart tu...
58  cards
B3 W1
Cells between the villi that secr...,
Individual variation to drug is g...,
Released in response to fatty foo...
61  cards
B3 W2
What contributes to chylomicron f...,
What is the fast phase,
How to obtain estimate of rate of...
73  cards
0  cards
B3 W3
Arcuate line
70  cards
Mechanism of Psychotropic Drugs
How can mental illness be allievi...,
How can mental illness be allievi...,
What is the tubero infundibular p...
69  cards
Pharmacology and physiology of the autonomic system
What is the role of the autonomic...,
What are the divisions of the aut...,
What is the role of the enteric s...
72  cards
Autonomic Nervous System B6
What is the visceral nervous system,
What is the somatic nervous system,
What are the neurotransmitters of...
57  cards
Epidemiology of Psychological Disorders
What is the classification model ...,
What is the tool used in general ...,
What are the difficulties in meas...
17  cards
Social determinants of mental health
What is the social gradient in he...,
What is socioeconomic inequalities,
What is the impact of socioeconom...
9  cards
Harvluck Block 6 W2 unknown
Anti depressants,
Tri cyclics,
41  cards
What is stress,
What is eustress,
What is distress
54  cards
What is dementia,
What are the clinical features of...,
What are the prevalence of dementia
30  cards
Harvluck B6 W3 unknown
What are the stores of memory,
What is the initial store of memory,
Semantic encoding
7  cards
B3 W2/W3
Hepatic jaundice,
Formation of mature hdl,
Space of disse
29  cards
B4 W1
B12 and folate sources,
Phagocytic cells of the cns,
90  cards
B4 W2
Cells in connective tissue which ...,
Light is shined through sample to...,
Which inflammatory mediators are ...
117  cards
B4 W3
Systemic lupus,
Excess platelets in the blood,
Excess rbc due to reduced plasma ...
55  cards
B3 Hormones and cells
Inhibits gastric acid secretion,
Produces gastrin,
Produced by d cells in the stomac...
28  cards
What is the embryological origin ...,
What is the embryological origin ...,
What is the embryological origin ...
5  cards
B5 W1
Mater with squamous and cuboidal ...,
Membranous extension of the pia m...,
Secreted by the overlying ectoder...
105  cards
B5 W2
Predicts equilibrium potential of...,
Cranial nerve branch of the vagus...,
Created in dendrites from change ...
74  cards
B5 W3
Links the actin cytoskeleton to t...,
Dystrophin complex,
Region of ventral horn for innerv...
42  cards
B5 W4
Rapid alternating movements,
Contralateral upper limb weakness...,
Nigrostriatal pathway
99  cards
Anatomy B5 W4
Cingulate sulcus,
Insulafissure which is deep in th...
37  cards
Anatomy B5 W3
Tegmentumanterior aspect of midbrain,
Cerebral peduncles
11  cards
Anatomy B5 W2
What is the spinous process and t...,
What is the pedicle,
What is the vertebral arch
21  cards
Anatomy B5 W1
Tip of the scapula,
What is the shoulder girdle,
What is the acromicroclavicular j...
31  cards
Anatomy B2 W1
T4 t5,
6  cards
Anatomy B2 W2
Phrenic nerve,
Vagus nerve,
Azygous vein
9  cards
Anatomy B2 W3
Crista terminalis,
Musculi pectinati,
Trabeculae carnae
4  cards
Anatomy B2 W4
What drains the upper right wall,
What drains the upper left wall,
What drains the lower left wall
21  cards
Anatomy B3 W1
Right gastroepiploic artery,
Left gastroepiploic artery
8  cards
Anatomy B3 W2
Motor innervation to the tongue,
General sensory innervation to th...,
Where does the parotid gland empt...
14  cards
Anatomy Spotter Feedback
Supply to the superolateral surfa...,
Ligament covering posterior surfa...,
Ligament covering anterior surfac...
10  cards
B6 W1
Glasgow coma scale motor,
Glasgow coma scale verbal,
Number 1 in the levels of conscio...
90  cards
B6 W2
Effect of m1 m3 and m5excitatory ...,
Drug inhibiting ach carriers for ...,
Types of noradrenaline transport ...
99  cards
B6 W3
Persistent pain cycle,
Regulation of the hpa axiscortiso...,
Emotional response to stress
63  cards
Noradrenaline Transport system
What is the neuronal transport,
What are the substrates of the no...,
What is the order of specificity ...
11  cards
block 6 W4
Organic causes of psychosis medic...,
Tuberous sclerosis,
Psychoanalytic defence mechanism ...
59  cards
Block 6 drugs
Side effects of mao inhibitors,
Risperidone side effects,
B1 selective agonist
30  cards
What is stigma,
What is the cognitive model of st...,
What is the emotional model of st...
13  cards
Loss and Bereavement
What is grief,
What are the responses to grief,
What is affective grief
14  cards
Mortality Gap
What are examples of severe menta...,
What is bipolar,
What drives health inequality in ...
9  cards
Biopsychosocial management of chronic pain
What is chronic pain,
What are the physiological featur...,
What influences pain perception
13  cards
What is attachment,
How is attachment developed,
What are the attachment classific...
11  cards
Health Psychology
What is health psychology study o...,
What is health behaviour,
What are the types of health beha...
15  cards
Gender, ethnicity and mental health
What is mental health,
What is mental illness disorder d...,
What is history of classification...
32  cards
Medically Unexplained Symptoms
What are medically unexplained sy...,
What are functional symptoms,
What is a dissociative conversion...
22  cards
Mechanisms of Addiction
What makes a substance addictive,
What is addiction,
Why is addiction maintained
12  cards
Learning Disabilities
What is a learning disability,
What social issues affect people ...,
What are the medical issues that ...
20  cards
Block 6 Formative
B2 receptors,
Stimulates conversion of angioten...
15  cards
Pharnygeal Arches and Pouches
Pharyngeal arch 2,
Pharyngeal arch1,
Pharyngeal arch 3
12  cards
B5 drugs
Alendronic acid,
12  cards
Pharyngeal Artery arch
1st pharyngeal arch artery,
3rd pharyngeal arch artery,
2nd pharyngeal arch artery
10  cards
B1 W1
Transmission electron micrography,
Vesicles containing oxidative enz...,
Organelles of cisternae which ass...
45  cards
B1-5 review of generally missed terms
What is absorbed in the ileum,
Pharyngeal pouch 1
21  cards
Physiology of sexual response
What is the sexual response cycle,
What is desire,
What is libido sex drive
45  cards
Pathways to men and women: sex differentiation
What are the steps to sex determi...,
What is the genetic makeup of an ...,
Where are autosomes carried
54  cards
Menstrual cycle
What is the gonadotropin releasin...,
Where is gonadotropin hormone rel...,
What is the n terminal
97  cards
What is the life stages of fertil...,
What are the life stages of ferti...,
What is adolescence
40  cards
Medicalisation of sexuality
What is medicalisation,
Which aspects of life has been me...,
How has childbirth been medicalised
11  cards
Anatomy and histology of the male pelvis
What are the borders of the male ...,
What is the precursor to the bladder,
What is the urogenital sinus
63  cards
B8 W1
Women aging effect on sexual resp...,
Excitement phaseincludes muscular...
70  cards
Anatomy of the Female Pelvis
What is the sinuvaginal bulb,
What forms the proximal vagina,
What is the broad ligament
40  cards
Evidence into practise
What are guidelines,
What are the bodies for publishin...,
Why are guidelines important
24  cards
What is type 1 diabetes,
What is type 2 diabetes,
What is metformin
55  cards
Endocrine homeostasis and interventions
Define exocrine,
Define endocrine,
What are examples of lipid solubl...
70  cards
Thyroid in Health and disease
What is the control of thyroid ho...,
What is the control of thyroid ho...,
What is the control of thyroid ho...
59  cards
What is the role of the bulbouret...,
What does the seminal vesicle rel...,
What are the components of the sperm
70  cards
Exocrine and Endocrine Pancreas
What is the exocrine function of ...,
What is the endocrine function of...,
What is the functional unit of th...
39  cards
Clinical Diabetes
What is diabetes,
What are the symptoms of diabetes,
What is polyuria
58  cards
How long can sperm survive,
How long can oocyte survive,
What is the fertile window
37  cards
Anatomy of endocrine glands and thyroid
What are the pharyngeal arches li...,
What are the pharyngeal arches li...,
What are the skeletal components ...
48  cards
Anatomy B8
Which muscles cover the anterior ...,
Which muscles cover the anterior ...,
Pudendal nerve
44  cards
B8 W1
Women aging effect on sexual resp...,
Excitement phase
72  cards
B8 W2
What happens to blood vessels dur...,
Why are vasodilators not reccomme...,
What is cgmp pathways involved in
47  cards
B8 W3
White fibrous capsule on testes,
Tunica vaginalis,
Cells that for inner epithelia of...
62  cards
B8 W4
What are the tissues of pancreas,
Intercalated ducts,
39  cards
B8 W5
Largest gland in the body,
Cells of the pharyngeal arch whic...
62  cards
How does the egg cell form,
What happens to eggs during devel...,
What happens once menstruation be...
14  cards
Overweight and obesity
How is bmi calculated,
What is a healthy weight,
What is an unhealthy weight
48  cards
What's going to happen to me doctor?
What is prognosis,
What are prognostic factors,
How is prognosis assessed temporally
19  cards
Cause and effect
What is the important of causal r...,
How can causation be proven,
What is falsifiability
15  cards
Living with long conditions
What is multimorbidity,
What is the prevalence of multimo...,
What is the challenges of nhs wit...
23  cards
Evolutionary and environmental perspectives of health and disease
What are the links between nutrit...,
What is the prevalence of obesity,
What are proximate factors
9  cards
Why we need randomised control trials?
What is the regulatory body for t...,
What is a clinical trial,
What is an rct
33  cards
Horses for courses
What is bias,
What is cross sectional studies,
Why are cross sectional studies i...
27  cards
Important statisitcs
What is risk what is the risk of ...,
What is risk ratio,
What is relative risk reduction
44  cards
Decision making and evidence
What is descriptive epidemiology ...,
What is an environmental study,
What is an analytic study
15  cards
Illness behaviour and help seeking
What is illness behaviour,
How does illness behaviour differ...,
How does help seeking behaviour d...
10  cards
Self medication
What is self medication,
What is self care,
What are the benefits of self care
17  cards
Activities of Daily Living
What is muscle tone,
What is a disabled person,
What is disability
21  cards
Informal carer
What is a carer,
What is formal care,
How many carers are there
16  cards
Decision making and evidence
What is diagnosis,
What is prognosis,
What are the theories of decision...
10  cards
Spinal cord tracts
What type of neuron is the nocice...,
Lateral corticospinal tract,
Tract which synapses with cranial...
53  cards
What separates the cerebellum fro...,
What are the cerebellar lobes,
What is the intermediate zone
28  cards
Basal ganglia focused
Inhibitory neurotransmitter,
Excitatory neurotrnasmitter,
What inhibits the thalamus
12  cards
Pain transmission
Unmyelinated type c fibres,
What are the first order neurons ...,
What are nocioceptors
48  cards
What is pancytopenia,
How is pancytopenia treated,
What are the types of proliferati...
15  cards
Hypersensitivity reactions
Why does hypersensitivity occur,
What are the requirements for hyp...,
What is type 1 hypersensitivity
14  cards
Structure of lymph node
What is the capsule of the lymph ...,
What is the trabeculae of the lym...,
What are the sinuses of the lymph...
15  cards
Harvluck B8 W1
Oestrogen effects,
Where does ureter drain into
52  cards
Harvluck B8 W2
What is the hormone produced by ius,
Examinations before prescribing c...,
Caution for intrauterine contrace...
31  cards
Harvluck B8 W3
Produced by adipose tissue to red...,
Location of ghrelin release
21  cards
Harvluck B8 W4
Insulin effect,
Incretin which reduces glucagon
41  cards
Harvluck B8 W5
Insulin like growth factor 1,
Thyroid hormones on the heart,
Inhibits growth hormone
57  cards
Cognitive and behavioural theories of anxiety and depression
Why is anxiety important,
What are the physical symptoms of...,
What are the physical symptoms of...
32  cards
Antibiotic vitamin deficiency,
Effect of nsaids,
Rate limiting enzyme
94  cards
What is the effect of angiotensin...,
Effect of beta blockers,
What is the role of ace enzyme du...
190  cards
Block 3
Lingual nerve,
Which structure lies close to the...
113  cards
Block 4
What activates the alternate path...,
What determines the function of t...,
What is the role of igd
166  cards
Block 5
Primary delusion,
Secondary delusion,
Which area of the hypothalamus is...
161  cards
BLock 8
What is an importnat consideratio...,
What causes the uterus to contract,
Which hormone increases during st...
60  cards
Pharmacology lectures
Disassociation constant,
What is the central compartment
92  cards
Important terms
Where is thrombosis likely to occ...,
Kiessalbach s plexus,
Pressure in lungs during inspiration
4  cards
Left gastric artery,
Inferior portion of lesser stomac...,
Inferior portion of lesser stomac...
54  cards
block 1
0  cards
What happens at the membrane?
Why should the membrane be flexible,
Why should the membrane be permeable,
How do lipophilic hormones enter ...
3  cards

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