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Research shows you forget more than 90% of what you learn while studying.

Maybe that’s why nearly half of all MCAT test takers sit for the test a second time.

But you don’t have to be one of those students. 

Brainscape will help you get the MCAT scores you want the first time – with less studying. And you’ll see improvements after just 30 minutes.

I know because I created Brainscape after a series of experiments my professors and I conducted during my Masters studies at Columbia University.

And what we discovered surprised even me…

Remember 4x More and Score Higher

At Columbia, I studied the best and most efficient ways to make people smarter.

And I developed an experiment that would change the course of my life – and the lives of millions of students around the world.

We conducted our experiments on a group of volunteers.

We tasked them with learning 50 difficult concepts in a short period of time.  

Half of the group studied with books and regular, paper flashcards.

The other half used Brainscape (then called “Study Aid”) flashcards.

Both groups studied for 30 minutes, then took a test.

You might not think 30 minutes of studying can make much of a difference…

It can when you use Brainscape.

After just 30 minutes of study, the “Brainscape group” performed twice as well on the test as the other volunteers.

In fact, the worst score in the Brainscape group was better than the best score from the group that studied with paper flashcards and books.

Our experiments proved that using Brainscape leads to MUCH higher test scores.

And there are over 800 academic studies to support our findings…

You won’t believe what happens after 2 hours of study

Our initial experiment only covered a 30-minute study period.

But we know you’ll be studying longer than that for the big test.

If studying with Brainscape for 30 minutes improves MCAT scores, imagine what will happen after a few hours…

Your brain will be supercharged!

Because if you use Brainscape longer, you don’t just get a little bit smarter… You get exponentially smarter.

After 30 minutes of study, you remember twice as much material. Imagine if you studied for hours… We can stick with 2x.

So if you studied for a month, you’d save two weeks’ time.

You get the idea. As you study more with Brainscape, the amount of material you remember soars – allowing you to learn more information in a shorter period of time.

"As a medical student, I have been using Brainscape to help me memorize enormous amounts of material in small amounts of time. Brainscape’s efficient structure allows students to actively learn many topics in the least amount of time possible.

Medical school can be physically exhausting with late nights of studying; however, mental exhaustion is part of the lifestyle as well. For some reason, learning through Brainscape’s enjoyable interface keeps me focused longer and helps prevent physical and mental fatigue."

Carlos Mancilla, Jr.

What Makes Brainscape So Effective?

Why does studying with Brainscape produce higher test scores in such a short period of time? 

The difference is you…

Most flashcard learning programs are based on random algorithms or a simple right/wrong confirmation after you answer a question.  

Decades of cognitive science have proven this method to be ineffective. There are many degrees of right and wrong. And you can’t optimize your studies unless you take the various degrees into account.

Brainscape asks you how confident you are about each answer (on a 1-5 scale). Then it spends more time working on your low-confidence subjects… And less time on the things you’ve already learned.

It’s like a personalized Spotify playlist, but for knowledge. And the more you study with Brainscape, the better and more personalized your study material becomes.

(An actual Brainscape flashcard for MCAT)

We call this system Confidence-Based Repetition. And it’s scientifically proven to make you smarter and remember more – 4 times more than studying with books alone. And twice as much if you just used paper flashcards.

Brainscape is a better study tool because of three, simple reasons…


The first reason is called Active Recall. This means you have to think of the answer in your head when presented a question on a flashcard.

Active Recall is massively more effective than “recognizing” the right answer from a series of multiple choices. That’s because Active Recall helps your hippocampus transform weak knowledge traces into stronger long-term memory records in your cerebral cortex, so you can recall the concepts from scratch in the future.

Second is Metacognition. That’s a fancy name for thinking about how well you know something. You do this after every Brainscape flashcard when you’re asked to rate how well you knew the answer on a one-to-five scale.

This simple act by itself can drastically improve your memory, by building neuron connections in both the grey matter of your anterior prefrontal cortex and the white matter tracts that enable your various brain regions to communicate.

But the real magic happens during the third stage of the Brainscape study process – Confidence-Based Repetition.

Brainscape uses each flashcard’s confidence rating (the 1-5 score) to determine exactly how soon to show you the same card again.

Research shows that optimizing the interval of time between each repetition is the single most important factor in our ability to learn and retain new information.

I know that’s a lot of information to process. The most important thing to remember about Brainscape’s method is science proves IT WORKS… 

"I finished the first year of medical school at the University of Geneva in Switzerland… During the first year, we are [approximately] 500 students competing against each other. Only the top 140 students can continue in the second year.

I started this first year with very little confidence that I would pass directly into second year. I’ve used Brainscape for ~66% of the courses and I ended this first year being in the top 15 students. This is, in my opinion, an impressive proof of the effective of learning using your tool!

In the past, I’ve always had good grades, but I never thought I could have such a good ranking in the first year of medicine. This is largely due to the use of Brainscape."

Damien Del Pietro

Stop Wasting Time Studying the Wrong Way

We get it.

You’re busy and stressed. The MCAT deadline is looming. And you want to get into the best possible medical school.

But if you’re not studying for the MCAT with Brainscape, not only are you wasting time… your MCAT score will suffer.

That’s why I want to offer you an exclusive opportunity to lock in an introductory price to Brainscape Pro.   Brainscape Pro is the only way you can unlock ALL of our MCAT flashcards, not to mention the entire universe of Brainscape’s other proprietary flashcards created by top professors and publishers.

We worked directly with Next Step Test Prep – one of the leading MCAT tutoring firms – to develop a set of Brainscape Certified MCAT Flashcards. Our Next Step Test Prep consultants have years of MCAT experience. And they all earned test scores in the 99.9th percentile.

Screenshot of your library screen on the website

Our Brainscape Pro MCAT Science Review includes:

  • 2600+ dynamic flashcards with in-depth coverage of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics
  • Guaranteed coverage of all AAMC (the group that created the MCAT) topic areas
  • Organization mirroring the AAMC’s subdivision of topics, ensuring each topic is reviewed to the competency level tested on the MCAT
  • An MCAT expert-designed tiered system, which progressively tests each topic from simple definitions to the most complex examples and applications – just like the material appears on the actual exam
  • A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that drastically cuts your memorization time
  • Ongoing feedback, statistics and visualization tools to help you track your progress, so you always know exactly which concepts you need to study more frequently

Simply put, these flashcards are the single best MCAT study companion we’ve ever seen.

In addition to unlimited access to Brainscape’s premium MCAT content, Brainscape Pro also offers the ability to make your own flashcards, along with exclusive features like:

  • Bookmarking flashcards so you can easily find and study them later
  • Adding images and sounds to flashcards
  • Reviewing cards using “Browse Mode” – review any flashcard you want to at any time
  • Managing privacy and editing permissions – share cards with friends and allow anyone to edit
  • Uploading spreadsheet files for faster deck creation -
  • And so much more!

When you sign up for Brainscape Pro, you never again have to carry around stacks of flashcards.

Not to mention, our flashcards are far more efficient…

You can sync your progress on your computer, tablet and phone so you can pick up and study anywhere…

Grab a few minutes of studying while you’re in line at the store or on the subway.

With Brainscape Pro, you can literally study anywhere… And it tracks and saves your progress the entire time.

And you can work on our website or our mobile app.

Study Anywhere with Brainscape

"Brainscape has become a valuable resource in my professional education development. Dozens of soon-to-be doctors in my program have found Brainscape’s method of repetition helpful in assimilating and recalling vast amounts of data effectively and efficiently.

Rather than hefting around stacks of flashcards, we have easy access on our phones and iPads, which assists us in making wise use of our time."

Scott Phelps

How to Get Started

A typical, in-person MCAT prep course starts at $2,499.

Buying prepackaged study material and studying on your own costs $1,999 or more.

But you can sign up for Brainscape Pro – and immediately access our top-ranked MCAT flashcards – for a small fraction of that price.

So, what does Brainscape Pro cost?

Before I tell you, let me add one final benefit…

I know you’re here to study for the MCAT. But with Brainscape Pro, you’ll actually get access to every single topic in the Brainscape library.

If you want to learn Spanish, you can do that, too.

Or let’s say you want to brush up on philosophy or art history before a cocktail party… Brainscape Pro can help.

You’ll have access to flashcards on thousands of topics… Including, of course, our top-ranked MCAT flashcards.

If you’re ready to maximize your study time and remember four times more study material, you can get started with Brainscape Pro today.

How Much is a Higher MCAT Score Worth?

Remember, I told you most MCAT prep courses charge over $2,499 for an in-person class. And they charge over $1,999 just for access to their study materials.

Well, one year of Brainscape Pro only costs $120.

But you can sign up for LIFETIME ACCESS to Brainscape Pro, and gain immediate access to our MCAT material, for only $79.99.

That’s more than 30% less expensive than what most people will pay for just one year. And $79.99 is all you’ll ever pay. There are no hidden fees or recurring charges.

Thousands of students from the world’s top universities have already used Brainscape to boost their test scores.

I’m excited you’ve found Brainscape. I know you’ll be blown away by how fast you’re able to learn the MCAT study material… And by how much more material you remember.

Just click below to get started. Once you’re registered, we’ll send you our Brainscape Certified MCAT Flashcards so you can get started right away.

In fact, we guarantee our Brainscape Pro flashcards will boost your MCAT scores.



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