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List 6 Digestive Disorders

Peptic Ulcer
Hiatal Hernia
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Chrons Disease


def? where does it occur? what happens? what causes this (2)? symptoms? avoid?

inflammation of colon wall
happens in colon (large intestine)
outpouchings (haustra) bulge
weakened muscle layers cause this
extreme pain in abdominal area, diarrhea, constipation, low grade fever
Cause: lack of fiber in diet (high fiber->help prevent colon issues)
avoid: seeds,nuts,corn, cant digest-> irritates lining of stomach more


what is it? def? is there a cure? caused by? how many types? how are some controlled? what type is more common in the health field/teacher? ex for getting a certain type? symptoms?

infectious disease (contagious)
no cure
inflammation of the liver
caused by viruses, drug, chemical, & alcohol abuse
7 types, a-g, most common a,b,c
a&b controlled by vaccinations, nothing for c
b&c more common in health field/teacher
-share needles, drug addicts-> C
-manicures & pedicures-> C if dirty needles
symp: feel sick, liver cant function (not filtering blood)


Peptic Ulcer
caused by? def/what is created? what happens if there's a hole made? what happens then? what causes an ulcer?

caused by over production of stomach acid, irritates lining of stomach
creates sores in stomach lining or small intestine
if eats hole through stomach lining, irritates muscle larger ->bleeding ulcer
-bleeding ulcer, pass a lot of blood through stool
causes ulcer: STRESS & anxiety
(stomach ulcer from ex husband)


Hiatal Hernia
def? what happens as a result? what do they say to help manage hernia? cause?

stomach bulges up above diaphragm
-get severe acid reflux
they say to eat tums or get surgery to fix
cause is unknown


IBS (irritable bowl syndrome)
def? usually what? cause? symptoms?

inflammation of small & large intestine
-usually ileum and colon
cause: stress related
diarrhea, constipation, etc.


Chrons Disease
age most affected? how is the disease managed? location in body? symptoms?

age most affected 19-40
disease managed by diet, no cure
more by appendix and extremely tender in area
nausea, fever, chills, bloody stool


gurgling in stomach is what?
stomach description during gurgling?
what signals this?

-stomach empty, associated w/ being hungry
-nerves signal peristalsis


def? what helps stomach muscles relax? why quisey?

spasm of stomach
-peppermint & gingerail/ginger & water, causes stomach muscles to relax
-quisyness comes from stomach wanting to spasm