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How does educational software work?

Provides basic skills practice and new knowledge (web search and writing skills)


What is nongame use with computers?

Associated with academic progress, programming skills, homework.


What is the digital divide?

Low SES groups less likely to have computers/internet. Boys tend to spend more time than girls on the computer.


What are learning difficulties that affect children?

- Mild mental retardation
- Reading difficulties
- Learning difficulties (5%-10% of children)
- Physical deformities


With children with learning difficulties, the law requires what?

Least restrictive placement.


What is mainstreaming?

Should children with learning difficulties be placed in regular classrooms to include them?


What are gifted children? (how are they defined)

Exceptual intellectual strength, beyond two standard deviations from the mean, usually measured by high IQ, now measured by sampling mental skills different from those sampled by IQ tests. Includes measures of creativity and talent.


What are the benefits of "least restrictive placement" of children with learning disabilities?

Benefit depends on severity of disability and support services. Best is part day resource room.


What is a "talented" child?

Outstanding performance in a specific field. Measured by divergent thinking (generate many possible solutions) and creativity .


What is a "creative" child?

Ability to produce work that is original yet appropriate. Many are socially isolated, which leads to emotional and social difficulties.


When it comes to education, whats best?

It is a challenge to provide learning environments that enrich all students. It is enrichment versus acceleration.


How can you support talented/creative children?

Permit these to choose topics for extended projects, take intellectual risks and interact with like-minded peers.


Ethnic minorities want to manage their own schools. What would research suggest?

Advantages - avoid self-fulfilling prophecy and build on own code systems.
Disadvantages - reduce prejudice, reduce colonialism.


What factors inside/outside of schools affect educational quality?

Societal values, school resources, quality of teaching, parental support.


How do U.S. students perform?

Perform at or below the international average. Instruction can be less challenging, more fact-focused, and lower in critical thinking.


What must work together to upgrade education?

Families, schools and society.


How are the average mathematic scores by ethnicity at age 15 different?

High performing nations: Taiwan, finland, hong kong.
Intermediate performing nations: Denmark, iceland, czech republic.
Low performing nations: portugal, italy, greece, turkey.