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What is piaget's preoperational stage?

Ages 2-7. Gains mental representation through make-believe play and dual representation. Sensorimotor activity leads to internal images of experience, which children then label with words.


What is dual representation?

For example, a child knowing a doll house is just an object, but also a representation of someone's life and actual family home.


What is the development of make-believe play?

Gradually becomes more detached from real-life conditions, less self-centered, more complex sociodramatic play.


What are the benefits of make-believe play?

During social pretend, interactions lasts longer, show more involvement and draw children into the activity in a more cooperative manner. Make-believe strengthens a variety of mental abilities, such as: sustained attention, logic, memory, reasoning and creativity.


How are kids who do a lot of make-believe play advantaged?

Independence, ability to another persons viewpoint, more endearing as companions.


How can you enhance make-believe play in early childhood?

Provide sufficient play materials, offer both realistic materials and materials without clear functions, ensure that children have many rich, real-word experiences to inspire positive fantasy play, help children solve social conflicts constructively.


When is dual representation mastered?

Around age 3.


What is egocentrism?

Failture to distinguish others' views from one's own


What are the limitations of ___?

1. Ego-centrism
2. Centration
3. No hierarchal classification


What are conservation tasks?

If you have two glasses of water, and you pour one of the glasses of water in to a different jar, do you have the same amount of water still?


What is animistic thinking?

Belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities, such as thoughts or wishes.


What is a catalyst for cognitive development?

Children questions. Majority of children's questions are information-seeking (not requests).


What are the educational principles derived from pianist theory?

Discovery learning, sensitivity to children's readiness to learn, acceptance of individual differences.


What is childrens private speech in cognitive development?

Helps guide behaviour and gradually becomes more silent.


What did piaget call private speech?

Egocentric speech.


What did Vygotsky think of private speech?

Viewed it as a foundation for all higher cognitive processes.