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What is the "digit" defined as?

the region from the fetlock through the hoof


"Sweeney" occurs after damage to which nerve? What are the clinical signs?

Suprascapular nerve. Produces atrophy of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles such that the spine of the scapula is prominently visible.


Which vein runs in the "pectoral groove"?

cephalic vein


The subscapular artery dives between which two muscles?

teres major and subscapularis


When does the axillary artery turn into the brachial artery?

after it gives off the subscapular artery


Name the 4 brachial muscles

-biceps brachii
-tensor fasciae antebrachii
-(long head of the) triceps brachii


What are the 2 large nerve trunks that descend through the brachial region?

1) Combined ulnar and radial nerves
2) Combined median and musculocutaneous


What nerve does the musculocutaneous nerve give off after it divesdeep to the biceps brachii?

medial cutaneous antebrachial n.


What is special about the tendon of the infraspinatus?

It acts as the lateral collateral ligament of the shoulder joint


The deltoideus and teres minor muscles (shoulder flexors) are both innervated by which nerve?

axillary n.


The radial n. innervates which groups of muscles?

The extensors of the elbow (triceps, ulnaris lateralis) and the extensors of the carpus and digit (extensor carpi radialis, common digital extensor)


What is "radial paralysis"

condition in which a deep branch of the radial nerve (which is located laterally) can become pinched off when the horse is in lateral recumbency. Results in a knuckled-over foot (toe dragging)

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