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what does the medial cutnaneous antebrachial nerve innervate?

Skin between elbow and fetlock


What group of muscle do the median and ulnar nerves innervate?

Flexors of the carpus and digit (flexor carpi radialis, superficial digital flexor, deep digital flexor)


The ulnar nerve runs between which two muscles in the distal antebrachium?

flexor carpi ulnaris and ulnaris lateralis


When does the brachial artery become the median artery?

After giving off the common interosseus artery


Which two nerves anastomose in the distal limb?

palmar branch of the ulnar nerve and lateral palmar


When does the median artery become the medial palmar artery?

When it passes through the flexor canal


Which artery and nerve pass within the carpal canal?

medial palmar artery and nerve


Muscles supplied by the suprascapular n.

supraspinatus, infraspinatus


muscles supplied by the axillary n.

deltoideus, subscapularis.


muscle supplied by the subscapular n.



muscles supplied by the radial n.

triceps, extensor carpi radialis, ulnaris lateralis, common digital extensor


muscles supplied by the median n.

flexor carpi radialis, deep digital flexor


muscles supplied by the ulnar n.

superficial digital flexor, deep digital flexor


OIAN: supraspinatus

O: supraspinous fossa and spine of scapula
I: greater and lesser tubercles of humerus
A: extend shoulder, stabilize cranial shoulder
N: suprascapular n.


OIAN: infraspinatus

O: infraspinous fossa
I: greater tubercle of the humerus
A: abduct the arm, acts as lateral collateral lig. of the shoulder joint
N: suprascapular n.


OIAN: deltoideus

O: spine of scapula, aponeurosis over infraspinatus m.
I: deltoid tuberosity
A: flex shoulder, abduct arm
N: axillary n.


OIAN: subscapularis

O: subscapular fossa
I: lesser tub. of humerus
A: adduct the humerus, stabilize medial shoulder
N: subscapular and axillary nn.


OIAN: biceps brachii

O: supraglenoid tubercle
I: radial tuberosity, tendon of extensor carpi radialis
A: flex elbow, extend shoulder and carpus
N: musculocutaneous n.


OIAN: triceps brachii

O: long head: caudal border of scapula
lateral head: lateral surface of humerus
medial head: medial surface of humerus
I: olecranon
A: long head: extend elbow, flex shoulder
lateral and medial head: extend elbow


OIAN: Extensor carpi radialis

O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
I: Metacarpal tuberosity, Metacarpal 3
A: extend carpus, flex elbow
N: radial n.


OIAN: ulnaris lateralis

O: lateral epicondyle of humerus
I: accessory carpal bone, 4th carpal and metacarpal bones
A: flex carpus, extend elbow
N: radial n.


OIAN: common digital extensor

O: lateral epicondyle of humerus, lateral tuberosity of radius, body of ulna
I: extensor process of 3rd phalanx
A: extend digit/carpus, flex elbow
N: radial n.


OIAN: flexor carpi radialis

O: medial epicondyle of humerus
I: second metacarpal bone
A: flex carpus, extend elbow
N: median n.


OIAN: superficial digital flexor

O: medial epicondyle of humerus, olecranon, caudal surface of radius
I: flexor surface of 3rd phalanx
A: flex digit/carpus, extend elbow
N: median and ulnar n.


OIAN: interosseus

O: palmar surface of 3rd metacarpal bone and distal row of carpal bones
I: abaxial surfaces of proximal sesmoids and tendon of common digital extensor
A: support fetlock
N: palmar metacarpal nn.

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