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What is dysphagia,
What is dyspepsia,
What are the 4 basic digestive pr...
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What are the hollow organs separa...,
What do sphincters do,
What occurs in the mouth and orop...
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Public Health
What 3 elements do you need to ge...,
What is dental caries,
What are the 4 stages of tooth decay
27  cards
Lipid Digestion
What percentage of energy require...,
What do ingested lipids comprise of,
Describe the solubility of ingest...
23  cards
Nutrition and GI
What are high intakes of salt ass...,
What does salt do in the stomach
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Physiology and Pharmacology of salivary and gastric secretion and gastric motility
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Why Might my Patient be Jaundiced?
What are 3 symptoms signs of jaun...,
What is bilirubin,
Where does the breakdown of red b...
60  cards
Mucosal Immunology
What is the name of the specific ...,
What is the name of the specific ...,
What is concentrated in muscosal ...
95  cards
Physiology of feeding and satiety
What is energy homeostasis,
How is energy primarily stored,
What leads to obesity
50  cards
Prescribing in Liver Disease
Name some causes of abnormal live...,
What is cirrhosis,
Name 3 major factors contributing...
37  cards
Define malnutrition,
Name some effects of disease rela...,
How many hospital admissions are ...
50  cards
Definiteion of a hernia,
What is the most common type of h...,
How might abdoninal wall hernias ...
42  cards
Intestinal Failure
Define intestinal failure,
Meaning of acute short term,
Meaning of chronic long term
11  cards
Why Might my Patient be Jaundiced ? Part 2
Where is the main site of break d...,
What is a normal by product of th...,
What is bilirubin used to form wh...
47  cards
Oral malignancies and Cancer
Name 3 symtoms of oral cancers,
Describe the epidemiology of oral...,
What type of oral cancer has the ...
22  cards
Oral Manifestation of Systemic Disease
What can cause teeth grinding
1  cards
Endoscope and the GI tract
What are the parts of a basic end...,
What are some specialised types o...,
How big are capsule
34  cards
Gastrointestinal Title:Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, Barretts & Dysmotility of oesophagus & stomach
What happens to the quality of li...,
Why does reflux occur,
What are the symptoms of reflux
34  cards
Management of Acute Upper GI Haemorrhage
What is haematemesis,
What is melaena,
What is gi bleeding
35  cards
Dyspepsia and Peptic Ulcer Disease
Define dyspepsia,
What are some of the symptoms of ...,
What are the structures of the fo...
44  cards
Oesophago-gastric cancer
What happens to the cells of the ...,
What can occur with persistant re...,
What causes squamous cell carcinoma
22  cards
Embryology of the GI Tract
What happens by week 4,
What happens to the cloaca,
What are the 2 origins of the gi ...
57  cards
Histology of the GI Tract
What covers the oral cavity oroph...,
What covers the nasal cavity and ...,
What covers the anterior 2 3rd of...
41  cards
Oral and Oesophageal Pathology
What are the main two inflammator...,
What can cause acute oesophagitis,
What can cause chronic oesophagitis
23  cards
Pathology of the Stomach
What are the 2 main types of infl...,
What are the 3 main types of chro...,
What is autoimmune chronic gastri...
20  cards
Bleeding in the GI tract and the anatomy of the blood vessels of the abdomen
What are the parts of the large i...,
What are the 3 functions of the l...,
Where is the colon in relation to...
42  cards
Pathology of the Colorectal Carcinoma
What is a polyp,
Is a polyp benign or malignant,
What are some examples of benign ...
43  cards
Physiology and Pharmaxology of the small and large intestine
Describe the length of the differ...,
What happens in the small intestine,
How does the small intestine move...
66  cards
Benign conditions of the large bowel
Name 5 common diseases of the lar...,
Define diverticular disease,
What part of the colon is affecte...
36  cards
Pathology of the large bowel
What causes variation in the path...,
Name the 5 most common diseases o...,
Describe the appearance of an end...
34  cards
Small Bowel Diseases
In what 3 places can cause an obs...,
Describe the 5 symptoms a patient...,
What could cause an obstruction w...
36  cards
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
What are the subtypes of ibs,
How much of the population are af...,
What is the ratio of females to m...
18  cards
Faecal Continence: the distal part of the GI tract
What can affect faecal continence,
What is required to control the e...,
What do the rectum anal canal pas...
38  cards
Food Poisoning
What is diarrhoea,
What is food poisoning,
What are the clinical presentatio...
24  cards
What is the definition of dysphagia,
Why is it important to ask about ...,
Why is it important to ask about ...
19  cards
Nutrition and diet in the management of GI disease in adults
What are the two types of ibd,
What are the clinical features of...,
What are the clinical features of...
30  cards
What is gastroenteritis,
What does gastroenteritis do,
What are the 4 causes of gastroen...
61  cards
Tropical Gastro
What questions should be asked to...,
What are common symptoms of a ret...,
What can fever be a symptom for
41  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infections and the GI Tract
In what 6 ways can stis be transm...,
How is chlamydia typically transm...,
How is ghonorrhoea trasmitted
25  cards
Colorectal Cancer
What is the most common type of b...,
What is the most common type of m...,
What do normal oncogenes do
40  cards
Surgery for IBD
What is a fistula,
What is an anastomosis,
What 5 reasons might elective sur...
22  cards
Biochemical aspects of liver metabolism
Where is bile produced,
Name a plasma protein which is se...,
What important molecules are stor...
54  cards
Acute Liver Disease and Fulminant Hepatic ailure
What is acute liver disease and w...,
How quickly can acute liver disea...,
What is the main treatment of acu...
29  cards
Viral Hepatitis
What is the main clinical maifest...,
Why has there been a decline of a...,
Who is most commonly diagnosed wi...
51  cards
Water Balance in the GI tract
What type of process is absoption...,
How much water enters the gi trac...,
How much water enters the small i...
40  cards
Pathology of Idiopathic Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Define chron s,
Where is crohn s disease most common,
Who is most commonly affected by ...
18  cards
Pathology of the Liver
What ribs cover the liver,
What is the normal appearance of ...,
What 3 terms are used to describe...
84  cards
Physiology and Pharmacology of the Liver
Describe the blood supply to the ...,
What are all hepatocytes in conta...,
Where does arterial and venous bl...
64  cards
Alcohol and the health of the nation
How can alcohol harm be measured,
In terms of trends what has not c...,
Who have previous interventions t...
10  cards
Medical consequences of alcohol excess
Where has one of the fastest grow...,
How many admissions to hospital i...,
Who is the worst for alcohol drin...
18  cards
Biliary Tract and Pancreatic Pathology
What is cholelithiasis,
What is found in normal bile,
Where is bile stored
21  cards
Surgery of the GI tract and its complication
What might happen to a wound,
What is the problem with laprosco...,
What are the 3 main complications...
55  cards
Benign Lesions in the Liver
Solid liver lesions in older pati...,
What are solid liver lesions in p...,
What is the most common solid liv...
53  cards
Malignant Liver lesions
What are the 5 main malignant liv...,
What is the most common primary l...,
Who is likely to have hcc
27  cards
What are some symptoms of intra a...,
What is the definition of sepsis,
What might mimic sepsis 4
21  cards
Biliary Tract Disease
What 5 things can gallstones cause,
Why is there more chance of getti...,
What are the most common type of ...
35  cards
Pancreatic Lecture
What are the 2 functions of the p...,
What do the islet cells produce,
What do a islet cells produce
53  cards
Abdominal pain
What are the 4 goals to achieve w...,
In what quadrant is pain rare,
What is shifting pain
22  cards
Psychiatry and the GI Tract
What defines anorexia nervosa,
What is significant weight loss bmi,
How do patients with anorexia ner...
16  cards
The acute abdomen
What is an acute abdomen,
Who does it present to,
What are some of the common cause...
32  cards
What is ethics,
What are medical ethics,
What are the 3 levels of medical ...
6  cards
Benign Disorders of perianal area
Where do the nerve ending begin,
What does fresh blood suggest,
Glass through back passage
30  cards
Pathology of the Small Bowel
What are the 2 main causes of isc...,
Is bowel ischamia acute or chronic,
What can cause mesenteric arteria...
34  cards
What is malabsorption,
What are the common causes of mal...,
What are some of the uncommon cau...
19  cards
Presentation, diagnosis and management of bowel obstruction
What will happen to the gi tract ...,
Describe the presentation of a sm...,
What are the presentation of a di...
25  cards
Imaging the GI tract and GI diseases
What is required to complement ra...,
What is the first line investigat...,
What exacerbates cholecystitis
43  cards
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