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How can alcohol harm be measured?

Lots of ways - alcohol related deaths


In terms of trends, what has not changed over the years?

The male:female ratio of alcohol


Who have previous interventions tended to target?

Particular groups - alcohol dependency, young people


Describe the trends of alcohol related deaths in recent years

They have declined since mid 2000s.


When was there a huge increase in alcohol related deaths?

Mid 90s


Is the trend of alcohol related deaths the same in all countries?

No - Big declines of alcohol consumption in the Mediterranean. Maintained low levels in Sweden. Generally higher levels in Germany


What has been done to increase the awareness of alcohol and to protect the nation?

General public through messages from health, police and welfare organisations
Decreasing drink driving limit
Restriction on the number of licenses for alcohol
Server training
Price controls on alcohol - minimum price


What has been a significant factor into the decline in alcohol consumption

An increase in the price of the alcohol - minimum unit of price


What is a brief intervention in Scotland for alcohol?

A practitioner advising a patient on the risks of alcohol


What are the 4 psychological interventions for harmful drinking and mild alcohol dependence

Alcohol-related cognitions
Social networks

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