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Specific, adj
Word Map: exact, special

first language: خاص
I need a specific answer


Domain, n
word map: place, area

area of knowledge or activity
first language: ميدان
The domain of engineering is Evensdel


Assured, v
word map: true, for real

to promise someone that something will or its a true
first language: اكيد
I can't assure you if the classes are canceled tomorrow


Investment, n
word map: business , money

the act of putting money into business
first language: استثمار


assemble v
word map: work. convene

gather together in one place for a common purpose
Frist language: وجه دل
we assembled on that project


collapse v,n
word map: building, fall down

a sudden fall
Frist language- انهيار
The building collapsed


constraint n
word map. restriction, hold

a limitation or restriction.
Frist language: قيود
the availability of water is the main constraint on food production


contracted, adj
word map: build, erect,

to build or make something
Frist language- بناء
The company that constructs the room is good.


subsidy n
word map. bank, money

it a money that you take from the government
first language- قرض
i took a subsidy


explicit adj
word map- clear, specific

making something easy to understand
first language- واضح سهل
Mathematics is an explicit subject


framework n
word map-frame, the shape

an essential supporting structure of a building.
first language- اطار
the framework of this building is cool.


license, n
word map- permit, allowed

a permit from an authority to own or use something.
first language- رخصة
i have a driving license


immigrate -v
word map,move

to move to another country
first language- رحيل
before hundred years, people were immigrated to US.


denote- v
word map- highway, symbols

be a sign of; indicate.
first language: وجه دل
this mark denotes purity and quality


implication, n
word map- suggestion, get involved

the conclusion that can be drawn from
something, although it is not explicitly stated.
first language: توريط
the implication is that no one person at the bank is responsible


inclination n
word map-tendency, want something

a person's natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.
first language: ميل
I have no inclination for such a boring work


subordinate adj
word map: lower, workers

the people that lower than you
first language: تابع
the teacher are subordinate to the principle


reluctance n
word map: not to do it, ignore

unwillingness or disinclination to do something.
first language: ممانعة
she sensed his reluctance to continue


core, n
word map-heart, the middle

the middle of something or the center of it
first language: لب
The core of the earth contains lava.


notion- n
word map- idea, informations

something that you believe in
first language: معتقد
the people have different notion about the god.


mature- adj
word map- adult, big

fully developed physically and mentally.
first language: ناضج
he is mature man.


validity- n
word map- valid, quality

the quality of something.
first language: صلاحية
i checked the validity of the milk.


quote- v
word map- recite, talk, repeat

copy someones speech.
first language: ترديد الكلام
I quote a lot in my essays.

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