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The world: Concurrent(adj.)
Def: Existing or happening at the same time as something else.

Example: There are four concurrent job interviews happening in the same time.
World map: unanimous, agreeing, united in opinion.
First language: متزامن


The world: Depress(v.)
Def: To push or pull something down in a lower position.

Example: i depressed the lights button in the morning.
World map: bring down, minimize.
First language: ضغط


The world: React(v.)
Def: to do or say something because something has happened or said.

Example: i have to react when my father advised me.
World map: be interrogated, arraign, abide by.
First language: رد فعل


The world: Prospect(n.)
Def: something may or will happen.

Example: i got married last year, i expect to have children prospect in the future. (wrong usage)
World map: chance, eventuality, endurance.
First language: احتمال


The world: Phenomenon(n.)
Def: something that happens or exists (unusual).

Example: yesterday, i saw unusual phenomenon in my neighborhood and i thought it was crime.
World map: happening, incident, episode.
First language: ظاهرة


The world: Likewise(adj.)
Def: The same.

Example: i wont go to my friend's birthday party and my brother wont likewise.
World map: also, as well, so, too.
First language: بطريقة مماثلة


The world: Positive(adj.)
Def: good situation or good feelings.

Example: my way of thinking is positive.
World map: favorable, affirmative, favorable.
First language: ايجابي


The world: Coordinate(v.)
Def: To organize different things or people so that they work together.

Example: It is hard to coordinate a team project when they are busy.
World map: range, match, ordain.
First language: تنسيق


The world: Release(v.)
Def: To allow someone or something to be free.

Example: In the United States people like to release their selves to be more free.
World map: emission, liberation, cast.
First language: تحرير


The world: Unify(v.)
Def: to join or link separate parts together to make one thing.

Example: Many people in Arabic countries want to unify the currency into one.
World map: conjugate, consolidate, combine.
First language: وحد


The world: Definite(adj.)
Def: Fixed and unlikely to change.

Example: I have no definite plans for next week.
World map: sure, assured, proven.
First language: محدد


The world: Conceive(v.)
Def: To form an idea or plan.

Example: Our new university conceived in 2006.
World map: imagine, visualize, vision.
First language: تخيل


The world: Analogy(n.)
Def: A comparison between two things that show how they are similar.

Example: Some of the history books that their is an analogy between old histories and the new world.
World map: homogeneity, identity,identification.
First language: مماثلة


The world: Hierarchy(n.)
Def: a system that has ranks from lowest to highest.

Example: In the government hierarchy, master degree jobs are higher than bachelor degree jobs.
World map: scale, staircase, stair.
First language: تدريجي


The world: Ratio (n.)
Def: the relegation between two or more numbers which shows that is greater than the other.

Example: The ratio of small market shop to the big market shop is 8 to 4.
World map: share, portion, lot, proportion.
First language: حصة


The world: Aggregate(adj.)
Def: The total of something.

Example: In this year, the aggregate of Saudi's oil is 2 billion.
World map: total, gross, overall
First language: مجموع


The world: Intervene(v.)
Def: To come between two things.

Example: I like to intervene into my parents conversation.
World map: tamper, interpose, intermediate.
First language: تدخل


The world: Offset(v.)
Def: To make the effect off something less strong or noticeable.

Example: If you wear the blue shirt it will offset the color of the red jeans.
World map: recompense, setoff, requital.
First language: عوض


The world: Temporarily(adv.)
Def: Lasting for a short time.

Example: Your Mix account will temporarily be disconnected while we fix your student account.
World map: tentatively, short, not much.
First language: مؤقتا


The world: Commence(v.)
Def: To begin something.

Example: Your new account will commence in March 2017.
World map: begin, set, launch.
First language: تبدأ


The world: Imposing(adj)
Def: making an impression on people because it is big and important.

Example: The New York's towers is very imposing for who is standing at the bottom.
World map: put, require, oblige
First language: فرض


The world: Hypothesis(n.)
Def: an idea that is suggested as the possible explanation for something.

Example: The police said there is crazy hypothesis about that sad crime.
World map: thesis, supposition, postulate.
First language: فرضية


The world: Circumstances(n.)
Def: The facts and events that happen in a particular situation.

Example: What were the circumstances that lead him to failed?
World map: state of affairs,situations, conditions.
First language: ظروف


The world: Logical(adj.)
Def: seeming natural reasonable of sensible.

Example: It is logical to read a newspaper when you are in the bus.
World map: rational, reasonable, legitimate.
First language: منطقي

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