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Outcome (n.)
Word Map: event, upshot, result, effect, company, result.

Definition: The result or effect of an action, situation or event.
First Language: نتيجة، حصيلة
Ex: There are two possible outcomes


Inevitable (adj.)
Word Map: school, sure, fixed, fated .

Definition: certain to happen.
First Language: محتوم، مستحيل
Ex: Death is inevitable .


Devote (v.)
Word Map: study, give, specify, devote, Doctors.

Definition: to give your time or your effort completely to something you believe in or to a person.
First Language: خصص، كرّس
Ex: I wanted to devote more time to my friend .


Ultimate (adj.)
Word Map: final, key , full , free , maximum, goals ,

Definition: most important, highest last or final.
First Language: اساسي، مهم
Ex: My ultimate goal is to success


Benefits (n.)
Word Map: comfort, business, good, service , essays .

Definition: A helpful or good effect.
First Language: فائدة، استفادة
Ex:The job doesn't pay much, but the benefits are good.


Predict (v.)
Word Map: envision, envisage, previse, future, guess, companies .

Definition: to say that an event or action might happen in the future.
First Language: تنبوء، توقع
Ex: He was a wrong predict result (not right)


Conduct (v.)
Word Map: action, manner, job, behavior, school, waiter

Definition: to organize and direct in a particular way.
First Language: تصرف
Ex: I like the way the company conducts business.


Expansion (n.)
Word Map: development, spread, size, maximize, companies

Definition: the increase of something in size, number or importance.
First Language: توسيع، زياده
Ex:This book is an expansion of a sport.


Virtually (adv.)
Word map: almost, most, nigh, practically, nearly, statistics, math.

Definition: almost or very nearly.
First Language: تقريبا
Ex:I remember virtually everything he said.


Input (n.)
Word Map: idea, opinion, TV, computer, data, details, information

Definition: info, money or energy that is put into a system or organization.
First Language: ادخال
Ex:The data is ready for input into a computer.


Nevertheless (adj.)
Word Map: anyway, however, but, still, yet, transition word, however, essay

Definition: Despite what was just said.
First Language: ومع ذلك
Ex:It was a predictable, but nevertheless funny, story.


Expert (n.)
Word Map: good, adept, skillful, practiced, professor .

Definition: a person having high level of knowledge or skills in a particular subject.
First Language: خبره، خبير
Ex: We received some expert advice


Diminish (v.)
Word Map: run down ,decrease, less, size

Definition: Reduce in size or importance.
First Language: يقلل
Ex:The drug's side effects should diminish over time.


Volume (n.)
Word Map: sound ,size , number,TV, speakers

Definition: Amount of space for length and high .
First Language: الصوت
Ex: The volume is too loud. (wrong use)


duration (n.)
Word Map: period, limit, time, term ,school, collage, soccer

Definition: The period of time.
First Language: مدة
Ex:a flight of over eight hours' duration


Minimize (v.)
Word Map: Laptop, fractions, math

Definiton: To reduce to the smallest amount.
First Language: خفض, قلل
Ex:Please minimize all open windows


prohibitive (adj.)
Word Map: police, company, prevent

Definition: to prevent something.
First Language:تحريمي ,محظور
Ex:the prohibitive cost of rent ( not complete sentence)


cite (v.)
Word Map: mention, quote ,name ,essay , paper, research

Definition: reference something as proof or as a reason
First Language :نوه, استشهد
Ex:She was cited for reckless driving


Abandon (v.)
Word Map: give up, vacate, leave ,pet, car, child money

Definition: To leave behind or give something up.
First language: تخلى
Ex: That house was abandoned years ago.


Terminate (v.)
Word Map:finish up, stop, movie, cut, comic, end

Definition: to end or stop.
First Language: إنهاء
Ex: He was terminated last month .


Region (n.)
Word Map: area, section, part, state, city, zone

Definition: A particular area of a state, country or earth surface.
First Language: منطقة
Ex:The bird returns to this region every year.


Adjacent (adj.)
Word Map: close to, near, next to, by, buildings, beside, classrooms

Definition: very near or nothing in between.
First Language:مجاور
Ex: My sister sleeps in the adjacent room .


Annually (adv.)
Word Map: yearly, each year, concert, event

Definition: Happens every year.
First Language: سنويا
Ex:The annual meeting is in July.


Occur (v).
Word Map: fall out, take place, happen, come, concert.

Definition: to exist; events that happen
First Language: حدث
Ex:No one was ready for what was about to occur.

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