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The world: Trend (n,v.)
definition: General style.

World map: strain, apps
First language: اتجاه
Sentence: The trend of youth people is wear a modern clothes.


The world: Transition (n.)
definition: Movement from one position to another.

World map: Airport, port
First language: انتقال
Sentence: Saudi Arabia has a good transition. (to where?)


The world: structure (n.)
definition: Parts arranged together; organized.

World map: house, buildings.
First language: بناء
Sentence : The structure is helpful to make things look nice.


The world: resource (n.)
definition : supply, support especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.

World map: Wood, metal
First language: مورد
Sentence : Oil is the one of the most important resources in the world.


The world: Rely (v.)
definition: To depend on something and trust it.

World map: brothers, colleague, work
First language: اعتمد
Sentence: She relies on her boyfriend.


The world: purchase (v.)
definition: To acquire by payment of money.

World map: Shop, store.
First language: شراء
Sentence: Many people purches (sp?) a lot of candy in Halaween.


The world: promote (v.)
definition: To advance in rank or position; to encourage sales.

World map: Work, School, Job
First language: رقى
Sentence: The goverment try to promote the quality of schools.


The world: nuclear (n.)
definition: Relating to the nuclear family.

World map: family, inherit
First language: نووي,ذري
Sentence: My friend has a nuclear family and he like it.


The world: Network (n.)
definition: Individual having a common interest which helps one another.

World map: similarities, common
First language: شبكة
Sentence: I had a lot of problems with my internet network.


The world: Negative (adj.)
definition: Denial, or refusal of something.

World map: physics, chemistry, behavior
First language: سلبي
Sentence: My mother thinks about negative situations all the time.


The world: Minority (n.)
definition: A group in a smaller number compared to a much larger group.

World map: compare, math, physics
First language: افلية
Sentence: In the U.S. the minority of Saudi people is low.


The world: Maintain (n.)
definition: to keep in operation; observe.

World map: grade, school, look after
First language: المحافظة
Sentence: Teachers like to keep and maintain the student works hard in the class.


The world: Locate (v.)
definition: A set area or position.

World map: store, building
First language: حدد
Sentence: I located my car in that building.


The world: Labor (n.)
definition: Group of people working for wages.

World map: workers, labor day
First language: عمال,عامل
Sentence: WVU has a lot of helpful labor.


The world: Isolation (n.)
definition: complete separation from others.

World map: study, exam, research
First language: عزلة، عزل، فصل
Sentence: The criminals are danger and should make them Isolation. (wrong form)


The world: Function (n.)
definition: person, thing, or institutions the purpose for which something is designed or exist.

World map: job, work
First language: وظيفة، دور
Sentence: The function of writing classes is to teach you to write without mistakes.


The world: Domestic (adj.)
definition: devoted to home life or household affairs.

World map: Family, personal, help.
First language: منزلي، شؤون منزلية
Sentence : she loves her husband and she is really domestic .


The world: Cooperate (v.)
definition: To work together for a common purpose or benefit.

World map: the classmate, school project.
First language: تعاون
Sentence my friend and I will coopreate for the final project.


The world: Conversely (adv.)
definition: something that is the opposite or contrary.

World map: driving, The flash
First language: عكس، مضاد
Sentence: she said her opinion is logical but conversely


The world: Contribute(v.)
definition: To give (money, time, knowledge) to a common source (charity).

World map: help, handout
First language: يساهم
Sentence : my friend will contribute 5000 for the mosque.


The world: Consume(v.)
definition: To spend, absorb or devour.

World map: electricity, bills
First language: يستهلك
Sentence: I will consume all my salary.


The world: Consist(v.)
definition: To be made up of or to contain something.

World map: house, materials
First language: يتألف من
Sentence: the food consisted of many spices.


The world: Available(adj).
definition: ready and accessible.

World map: reservations, lease, hotel, active.
First language: متاح
Sentence : the hotel is not available.


The world: Assistance(n.)
definition: To aid and support.

You have a lot of sentence mistakes, make sure you check your work again before posting. 9/10

World map: help, devote
First language: مساعدة
Sentence : my partner helps me when I need assitance.

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