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World : duration(n.)
definition : The period of time.

sentence : the register duration in the IEP is 16 days.
world map : time, while, interval.
First language : مدة


World : Minimize(v.)
definition : To reduce to the smallest amount.

sentence : I will minimize my budget.
world map : lessen, diminish, minify.
First language : خفض, قلل


World : prohibitive(adj.)
definition : to prevent something.

sentence : Drinking alcohol in the class is prohibitive.
world map : forbidden, illicit, unlawful.
First language : تحريمي ,محظور


World : cite(v.)
definition : reference something as proof or as a reason.

sentence : You should cite the examples when you write an essay.
world map : structure, put up, erect.
First language : نوه,استشهد


World : Abandon(v.)
definition : To leave behind or give something up.

sentence : I will abandon my house soon.
world map : renounce, let down, quit.
First language : تخلى


World : Terminate(v.)
definition : to end or stop.

sentence : They will terminate my lease next week.
world map : finish, conclude, end, close.
First language : إنهاء


World : Region(n.)
definition : A particular area of a state, country or earth surface.

sentence : The United States have different regions that have many accents.
world map : district, territory, part.
First language : منطقة


World : Adjacent(adj.)
definition : very near or nothing in between.

sentence : My adjacent neighbor is noisy.
world map : close, relative, nigh.
First language : مجاور


World : Annually(adv.)
definition : Happens every year.

sentence : The IEP annually have a graduation party.
world map : per annum, yearly.
First language : سنويا


World : Occur(v).
definition : to exist; events that happen.

sentence : The wedding occurred one week ago.
world map : come, pass, take place.
First language : حدث


World : Outcome(n.)
definition : The result or effect of an action, situation or event.

sentence : The outcome of that marry was the love.
world map : score, conclusion, effect.
First language : نتيجة، حصيلة


World : Inevitable(adj.)
definition : certain to happen.

sentence : Find job is Inevitable things in your life.
world map : fated, certain, predestined.
First language : محتوم، مستحيل


World : Devote(v.)
definition : to give your time or your effort completely to something you believe in or to a person.

sentence : I devote all my time to my wife.
world map : set up, sanctify, hallow.
First language : خصص، كرّس


World : Ultimate(adj.)
definition : most important, highest last or final.

sentence : I have an ultimate dream in my life.
world map : most, extreme, utmost.
First language : اساسي، مهم


World : Benefits(n.)
definition : A helpful or good effect.

sentence : You should get the benefits from your classes.
world map : department, advantage, service.
First language : فائدة، استفادة


World : Predict(v.)
definition : to say that an event or action might happen in the future.

sentence : I predicted that I will have a hardship next month.
world map : foretell, foresee, presage.
First language : تنبوء، توقع


World : Conduct(v.)
definition : to organize and direct in a particular way.

sentence : I conduct all of my problems before my family knows.
world map : demeanor, action, manner.
First language : تصرف


World : Expansion(n.)
definition : the increase of something in size, number or importance.

sentence : Saudi Arabia has a big expansion in the economy.
world map : widening, extending, dilation.
First language : توسيع، زياده


World : Virtually(adv.)
definition : almost or very nearly.

sentence : I think that virtually I will get a new phone.
world map : practically, in practice.
First language : تقريبا


World : Input(n.)
definition : info, money or energy that is put into a system or organization.

sentence : The community needs your input to be better.
world map : sharing, part, partnership.
First language : ادخال


World : Nevertheless(adj.)
definition : Despite what was jus said.

sentence : Nevertheless, we should fight the crimes in this country.
world map : notwithstanding, none the less, and so on.
First language : ومع ذلك


World : Expert(n.)
definition : a person having high level of knowledge or skills in a particular subject.

sentence : Our new teacher have a good expert. (wrong usage)
world map : skilled, proficient, practice.
First language : خبرة او خبير


World : Diminish(v.)
definition : Reduce in size or importance.

sentence : I diminish my essay to be easy for the reader. (wrong usage)
world map : minimize, decrease, lessen.
First language : يقلل


World : Volume(n.)
definition : Amount of space for length and height.

sentence : The volume in that part was annoying. (wrong usage)
world map : publication, work, compilation.
First language : الصوت

You have a lot of sentence mistakes (9/10)

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