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assemble :
word map : crew, group, crowd

if you assemble a larger number of people or things.
First language : تجمع
sentence : a large crowd had assembled.


assure :
Word Map : guarantee, permission,finance

to tell someone that something will definitely happen or is definitely true so that they are less worried.
First language : ضمان
Sentence : Her doctor has assured us that she'll be fine.


Collapse :
Word Map : building, Tower, bridge

a sudden failure in the way something works
(v) : if a building wall falls down suddenly.
first language : انهيار
Sentence : the collapse of the Soviet Union. (not complete sentence-ash)


constructed :
Word Map : House, bridge, hotel

to build or make something
first language : بناء
sentence : my dad has his constructed house


core :
word map : apple, orange, peach

the hard central part of fruit such as an apple
first language : لب
sentence : the core of the apple is small


denote :
word map : news, magazine, journal

to mean something.
first language : دل
sentence : What does the word "curriculum" denote that "course" does not ?


domain :
word map : area, location, people

an area of activity, interest, or knowledge
first language : نطاق
sentence : this problem is outside the domain of medical science.


explicit :
word map : honest, kind, sweet

expressed in way that is very clear and direct.
first language : صريح
sentence : I have explicit knowledge of grammar


framework :
word map : picture, idea, vision

a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs from which something is developed.
first language : اطار
sentence : this paper provides a framework for future research.


immigrate :
word map : foreign, travel, work

to come into a country in order to live there permanently
first language : اجانب
sentence : his father and mother immigrated when he was two.


constraint :
word map : violation, cops, gangs

something that limits your freedom to do what you want.
first language : قيود
sentence : the constraints of family life (not complete sentence-ash)


implication :
word map : problem, causes, victim

a possible future effect
first language : توريط
sentence : what are the implication of these proposals ?


inclination :
word map : desire, hope, well

a feeling that makes you want to do something
first language : رغبة
sentence : my natural inclination was to say no.


investment :
word map : money, partners, company

the use of money to get a profit.
first language : استثمار
sentence : we plan to buy some property as an investment.


license :
word map : car, house, plane

an official document giving you permission to own or do something for a period of time.
first language : رخصة
sentence : i have my own driving license.


mature :
word map : adult, behavior, age

who act like adult or someone thinking as adults.
first language : ناضج
sentence : i saw myself as mature


notion :
word map : idea, habit, common

an idea, belief, or opinion.
first language : فكرة
sentence : the traditional notion of marriage goes back thousand of years.


oddness :
word map : weird, person, community

deviating from what is ordinary.
first language : غريب
sentence : i know someone that has oddness.


quote :
word map : pottery, author, book

to repeat exactly what someone else has said or written>
first language : اقتباس
sentence : she quoted from a newspaper article.


reluctance :
word map : obligation, dictator, people

when someone is unwilling to do something.
first language : مغصوب
sentence : Wells finally agreed, but with reluctance.


specify :
word map : credit card, surgery, operation

to state something in an exact and detailed.
first language : حالة خاصة
sentence : payments will be made for a specified number of months.


subordinate :
word map : kids, clothes, brother

to put someone or something in a less important position.
first language : تهميش
sentence : why subordinate your wishes to those of your family.


subsidy :
word map : government, foods, mercy

money that is paid by a government or organization to make prices lower, reduce the cost of producing goods.
first language : دعم الحكومة
sentence : international disagreement over trade subsidies.


validity :
word map : food, devices, consumer

the quality of being logically or factually sound, soundness or cogency.
first language : صلاحية
sentence : i looked for my milk validity (very strange usage-ash)

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