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Word: Undertake (v.)
Definition: To carry out

Word map: Take , Carry , Promise
First Language: تعهد
Sentence: I will undertake the mission from now and on


Word: Reveal (v.)
Definition: To show something that was a secret

Word map: Secret , show , magic
First Language: كشف
Sentence: The magician showed his big reveal


Word: Notwithstanding (adv.)
Definition: However

Word map: However , and , in the other hand
First Language: غير ذلك
Sentence: The table had broken. Notwithstanding, my roommate broke it.


Word: Survive (v.)
Definition: To stay alive

Word map: Alive , Life , Breath
First Language: البقاء
Sentence: He tried to survive his final exams


Word: Straightforward (adj.)
Definition: Simple , Easy to understand

Word map: Simple , Easy
First Language: صريح
Sentence: The guidelines was straightforward


Word: Equate (v.)
Definition: Equal , the same

Word map: Same , Equal , =
First Language: يساوي
Sentence: My calculation equates to 134.24


Word: Identical (adj.)
Definition: The same , To have the same discerption

Word map: Same , Mirror , Twins
First Language: متشابه
Sentence: I met the identical twins


Word: Empirical (adj.)
Definition: Based on experiment

Word map: Tentative , Experimental
First Language: تجريبي
Sentence: I did the empirical brainscape (weird usage)


Word: Summarize (v.)
Definition: To conclude the idea

Word map: Conclusion , Summary , Shorter
First Language: ملخص
Sentence: I had to summarize the answer


Word: Statistics (n.)
Definition: Number based on facts to show something

Word map: Number , Calculation
First Language: احصائيات
Sentence: The statistics shows that half of the class failed


Word: Deduce (v.)
Definition: To infer something based on evidence

Word map: evidence , infer , draw conclusion
First Language: استنتاج
Sentence: We deduce the evidence to know the criminal


Word: Mediate (v.)
Definition: To stop a conflict

Word map: Conflict , Disagreement , Agreement
First Language: احبط
Sentence: I mediate the fight between a drunk people


Word: Pursue (v.)
Definition: To follow the evidence

Word map: Deduce , evidence , result
First Language: يتتبع
Sentence: I pursued the evidence and it shows Stacy who was behind all that HAHA-ash


Word: Journal (n.)
Definition: A magazine that includes articles

Word map: Articles , magazine
First Language: كتيب
Sentence: I read a general journal (general?)


Word: Behalf (n.)
Definition: To do something instead of someone

Word map: Instead , in state , instead of
First Language: بالنيابه
Sentence: I did the presentation on mohammeds behalf


Word: Compound (n.)
Definition: Two things or more connected together

Word map: Chemical , connected , together
First Language: مرتبط
Sentence: The compound of the water is H2o


Word: Restrain (v.)
Definition: To keep something or hold back

Word map: Keep , Focus
First Language: كبت
Sentence: I restrained my anger while my brother was yelling at me


Word: Colleague (n.)
Definition: A partner in work

Word map: Coworker , Partner
First Language: شريك
Sentence: I work with my colleagues a lot


Word: Infer (v.)
Definition: To draw a conclusion

Word map: Conclusion , Idea
First Language: يلخص
Sentence: I inferred the passage quickly


Word: Compile (v.)
Definition: To put something in order

Word map: In order , arrange , list
First Language: يرتب
Sentence: I compiled my books so I can find it easier


Word: Liberal (adj.)
Definition: A person who is willing to give

Word map: Willing , Give , Decent
First Language: كريم
Sentence: My family is liberal when it comes to money


Word: Substitute (v.)
Definition: A person or a thing acting in place of another

Word map: Instead , behalf
First Language: بديل
Sentence: I had a substitute teacher yesterday


Word: Guidelines (n.)
Definition: A general rule

Word map: Instruction , Guide , Help
First Language: تنبيهات
Sentence: The guidelines shows where the items go


Word: Comprehensive (n.)
Definition: Complete

Word map: Complete , Full , include
First Language: عام
Sentence: I have a comprehensive test

comment: very good, but make sure if you borrow any sentences from the internet that you cite. Funny Stacy comment ha. Grade= 10/10

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