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behalf :
word map : instead, favor, side.

instead of someone, or as their representative.
first language : بدلا عن
sentence : in behalf of Costantine's Family i apologize to you.


colleague :
word map : company, restaurant, respectful

someone you work with, used especially by professional people.
first language : زميل
sentence : i used to have Aziz as my colleague but, he committed suicide.


compile :
word map : assemble, collect, compose.

to make a book, list, record etc, using different pieces of information, music etc.
first language : جمع
sentence : i have compiled the sea shells that where by the beach.


compound :
word map : elements, complex, combination

a substance containing atoms from two or more.
first language : مكون
sentence : the carbon compounds is very complicated.


comprehensive :
word map : overall, extensive, broad.

including all the necessary facts, details, or problems that need to be dealt with.
first language : شامل
sentence : i will have the reading comprehension test in 29th February.


deduce :
word map :

to use the knowledge and information you have in order to understand something or form an opinion about it.
first language : استنتج
sentence : i deduced that the Linguistic intelligence is the most important thing in our lives.


empirical :
word map : animal, plants, sciences .

based on scientific testing or practical experience, not on ideas.
first language : تجريبي
sentence : The empirical animal research was successful.


equate :
word map : justice, rights, life

to consider that two things are similar or connected.
first language : مساواة
sentence : the equate of men and women had used in US. (wrong usage)


guideline :
word map : instruction, education, organization

rules or instructions about the best way to do something.
first language : التوجيهي
sentence : the guideline to do better in your exams is that you must study hard.


identical :
word map : exactly, similar, twin

exactly the same, or very similar.
first language : متماثل
sentence : i have an identical car of your car.


infer :
word map :assume, guess, interpret.

to form an opinion that something is probably true because of information that you have.
first language : دل
sentence : choose what is infer in the essay ? (wrong usage)


journal :
word map : magazine, paper, daily

a serious magazine produced for professional people or those with a particular interest.
first language : مجلة علمية
sentence : i read the American medical journal last week.


liberal :
word map : opinion, behavior, attitude

willing to understand and respect other people's ideas, opinions, and feelings.
first language : تحررية
sentence : i have my liberal attitude that i can't judge on someone.


mediate :
word map : resolve, deal, referee

to try to end a quarrel between two people, groups, countries etc.
first language : مصالحة
sentence : i mediate between my brother and his friend


notwithstanding :
word map : nevertheless, nonetheless, in spite of

in spite of something.
first language : على الرغم من
sentence : notwithstanding the differences of the wars, wars makes a losses.


pursue :
word map :go after, seek, follow

to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long period of time.
first language : تعقب
sentence : i pursue my work.


restrain :
word map : confine, curb, limit

to stop someone from doing something, often by using physical force.
first language : كبح
sentence : i restrained someone from my hometown crew because, he was hurt his wife which is she my cousin, but in the end they divorced.


reveal :
word map : admit, expose, inform

to make known something that was previously secret or unknown.
first language : كشف
sentence : i revealed that i was stupid for many years, because many people told me that i'm very kind to trust to anybody who in the end would stab me in my back.


statistics :
word map : data, stats, demgraphy

a set of numbers which represent facts or measurements.
first language : إحصائيات
sentence : the statistics of unemployment was increased sharply in Saudi Arabia.


straightforward :
word map : candid, forthright, sincere

simple and easy to understand.
first language : بسيط
sentence : the life is purely straightforward for who knows how to deal with the people kindly.


substitute :
word map : apposition, replace, switch

to use something new or different instead of something else.
first language : بدل
sentence : i can substitute meat burger for the soy burger.


summarize :
word map : epitomize, recap, brief

to make a short statement giving only the main information and not the details of a plan, event, report etc.
first language : لخص
sentence : i summarized my essay for my instructor.


survive :
word map : remain, ride out, exist

to continue to live after an accident, war, or illness.
first language : البقاء
sentence : there are a Syrian people who survived from the chemical attack.


undertake :
word map : pledge, promise, assurance

to carry out.
first language : تعهد
sentence : i undertook to get my degree in West Virginia University.

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