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Word: Hierarchy (n.)
Definition: Any system of person ranked one over another.

Word map: Ladder , Stair
First Language: السلم الوظيفي
Sentence: There is a different hierarchy from company to company


Word: Aggregate (n.)
Definition: The total amount

Word map: Total , Combined
First Language: المجموع
Sentence: The aggergate amount of eggs is 261


Word: Analogy (n.)
Definition: A similarity between two things

Word map: Compare , Features , Similar
First Language: جزئي
Sentence: There is a small analogy between the essays


Word: Circumstance (n.)
Definition: A situation or a condition connected to an action

Word map: Situation, Condition
First Language: ظرف
Sentence: What is the circumstances made you fail the exam ?


Word: Commence (V.)
Definition: To begin something

Word map: Begin , Start
First Language: يبدأ
Sentence: The lease commence at 21 of March


Word: Conceive (V.)
Definition: To imagine

Word map: Imagine, Predict
First Language: تصور
Sentence: I cannot conceive my future how is it going to be.


Word: Concurrent (adj.)
Definition: Two actions are happening at the same time

Word map: Current , Action
First Language: مزامنه
Sentence: The company collapse and stocks market rise are concurrent which is a weird timing.


Word: Coordinate (v.)
Definition: To organize something

Word map: Organize , Compile
First Language: تنسيق
Sentence: I cannot coordinate my homework while I'm busy


Word: Definite (adj.)
Definition: Exact or particular

Word map: Exact , Particular
First Language: مؤكد
Sentence: I walked to a definite direction


Word: Depress (v.)
Definition: To push down

Word map: Push , Pull , Press
First Language: يضغط
Sentence: I depressed the keys strongly and I broke it


Word: Hypothesis (n.)
Definition: An explanation for a further investigation

Word map: Theory
First Language: نظريه
Sentence: The hypothesis shows that the earth is flat


Word: Imposing (adj.)
Definition: Impressive

Word map: Impressive , Fabulous
First Language: مدهش
Sentence: Khalifa Tower is an imposing tower


Word: Intervene (v.)
Definition: To interrupt

Word map: Interruption , Come between
First Language: مداخله
Sentence: My mom hates when some one intervene her (wrong usage)


Word: Likewise (adj.)
Definition: A transition word means also

Word map: Also , Although
First Language: ايضا
Sentence: I hate math likewise my brother (wrong usage)


Word: Logical (n.)
Definition: Something makes sense

Word map: Make sense , Understandable
First Language: منطقي
Sentence: You have to talk logically so everyone will understand you


Word: Offset (n.)
Definition: Something noticeable

Word map: Noticeable
First Language: ملاحظ
Sentence: The color you put on the wall is an offset color


Word: Phenomenon (n.)
Definition: Unusual fact or act

Word map: Unusual , Episode
First Language: ظاهره
Sentence: I saw a weird phenomenon inside the sea


Word: Positive (n.)
Definition: A good felling or Situation

Word map: Good , Perfect , Sure
First Language: متفاىل
Sentence: I'm positive about my quiz grade


Word: Prospect (n.)
Definition: The possibility of some future event occurring (translate.google.com)

Word map: Possibility , Chance
First Language:
Sentence: The prospect to won this game isn't high (confusing)


Word: Ratio (n.)
Definition: The quantitative relation between two amounts , (translate.google.com)

Word map: Rate , Amount
First Language: احتمال
Sentence: The ratio is the half of the amount


Word: React (v.)
Definition: The response of an act

Word map: Act , Act back
First Language: رده فعل
Sentence: My react was so fast when I lost control of the car (wrong form)


Word: Release (v.)
Definition: To let go

Word map: Let , cast
First Language: يدع
Sentence: I released the dog and he attacked someone


Word: Temporarily (adv.)
Definition: A period of time

Word map: Permanent , Time
First Language: مؤقت
Sentence: I held the ball temporarily


Word: Unified (adj.)
Definition: Become united

Word map: United , Same
First Language: موحد
Sentence: The unified cloth of that team is black and blue

Good: 10/10

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