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Notwithstanding (adv.)
Word Map: with high hand, transition words, instead,

Definition: Without being affected by; however.
First Language: على الرغم من، ومع ذلك
Ex:we went to see the show, my objections notwithstanding.


Reveal (v.)
Word Map: back, appear, show ,quiz, Magician, trick

Definition: To make something known that was a secret before.
First Language: كشف، ظهر
Ex:She would not reveal the secret.


Undertake (v.)
Word Map: warrant, assure , take on,school, promise, responsibility

Definition: To carry out
First Language: تعهد، تولى
Ex: He's undertaking a thorough search


Behalf (n.)
World map: by behalf ,parents, doctors، meetings

Definition: instead of someone or for someone.
First language: نيابة عن، بأسم
Ex:he study hard on Behalf of success


Deduce (v.)
Word map: deduce, understand, derive, draw, scientists, lectures, improve

Definition: Use the information you have in order to form an opinion about it.
First language: استنتاج
Ex:I can deduce from the simple observation.


Comprehensive (n/adj.)
Word map:global, universal, school, exams,

Definition: including everything that need to be dealt with.
First language: شامل، شمول
Ex:This trip comprehensive the foods (wrong usage)


Compound (n/v/adj.)
Word map: complex ,grow , group, team, domain

Definition: a combination of two or more parts, things.
First language: مُرَكْب، ضاعف
Ex: The difference is that the compound exercises. (NC sentence)


Compile (v.)
Word map: class, group collect, computers, books ,pans.

Definition: to put together or to a book, list, record etc.
First language: جَمّعَ، أَلّفَ
Ex: She compiled a list of names


Colleague (n.)
Word map: fellow worker, classmate, job, workmate.

Definition: someone you work with.
First language: زميل فالعمل
Ex: The businessman wanted to be separated from his noisy colleague.


Survive (v.)
Word Map: comic, be out, outrun, pull out.

Definition: To continue to live or exist.
First Language: النجاة، نجى
Ex: Some of the original bridges survive


Straightforward (adj.)
Word Map: modest, plain, natural,easy, learn, programing

Definition: easy to do or understand
First Language: بسيط
Ex: He was very straightforward with us.


Equate (v.)
Word Map: smooth, even ,computer, similar, numbers, money.

Definition: To consider as being the same as something else.
First Language: مساواة، ما يعادل
Ex: You shouldn't equate those two things.


Identical (adj.)
Word Map: like,twins, similar, copy

Definition: exactly the same.
First Language: مطابق
Ex:They were wearing identical coats.


Empirical (adj.)
Word Map: seen, practical, TV, example,

Definition: Based on experiments or practical experience.
First Language:تجريبي
Ex:The work has a strong empirical base.


Summarize (v.)
Word Map: outline, give an outline of,stories, novel, resarch

Definition: short description of something.
First Language: ملخص، تلخيص
Ex: To summarize, we need better schools.


Statistics (n.)
Word Map:numbers, information, details, stats, studies, line-graph

Definition: Number that shows fact or provides information about something; numbers that have been collected to provide info.
First Language: احصائيات
Ex: Gives a number of statistics of this kind


Mediate (v.)
Word Map: vicarious, solution, fight

Definition: To try to settle a disagreement between two or more people.
First Language: حل خلاف
Ex: He has been appointed to mediate the dispute.


Journal (n.)
Word Map: newspaper, paper, sheet ,notebook, homework, author.

Definition: A magazine full with articles about one subject.
First Language: مجلة، يوميات
Ex: She records her dreams in a journal. (wrong type of journal)


Restrain (v.)
Word Map: hold ,lock , record, register, limit , police, movies, studying

Definition: To keep someone/ something under control.
First Language: كبح، معالجة
Ex:He could not restrain the dog from attacking.


Word Map: guess,understand, derive, draw, paragraphs, stories

Definition: To reach a conclusion from the information you have.
First Language: خمّن، استنتج
Ex: You can infer the meaning.


Liberal (adj.)
Word Map: flexible ,big, free, thoughts, opinions

Definition: Large amount; generous.
First language:تحرر، متسامح
Ex:He made a very liberal donation to the museum.


Substitute (v.)
Word Map: replace, change, swap, exchange, soccer, football

Definition: To use something instead of something else.
First Language: بديل، تبديل
Ex:in ride the horses he has 2 substitute .


Guidelines (n.)
Word Map: lecture, book, tests

Definition: Advice on what to do about something.
First Language: دليل موجز، نقاط رئيسية
Ex: Find someone who has read the guidelines for students in the Student Handbook.


Pursue (v.)
Word Map: hunt, stalk, track, trail, shadow, detective, research

Definition: To continue with something to find out more.
First Language: تعقب، طارد
Ex:He chose to pursue a college degree.

Comment: If you take something from the internet you have to cite it or it is plagiarism. grade= 10/10

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