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The world : Pursue(v.)
Definition: To continue with something to find out more.

Word map: chase, hound, tail.
First language: تعقب
Sentence: the police pursued the case.


The world : Guidelines(n.)
Definition: Advice on what to do about something

Word map: instruction, direction, suggestion.
First language: المبادئ التوجيهية
Sentence: I read the guidelines of that class.


The world : Substitute(v.)
Definition: To use something instead of something else.

Word map: switch, substitute, change.
First language: بدل
Sentence: we had a new substitute teacher.


The world : Liberal(adj.)
Definition: Large amount; generous.

Word map: freed, released, progressive.
First language: تحررية
Sentence: My family is liberal when they spend money.


The world : Infer(v.)
Definition: To reach a conclusion from the information you have.

Word map: estimate, appraise, suppose.
First language: خمن
Sentence: In IQ exam, you have to infer many questions you do not know about it.


The world : Restrain(v.)
Definition: To keep someone/ something under control.

Word map: rein, hold, inhibit.
First language: كبح
Sentence: The government should restrain the illegal things. .


The world : Journal(n.)
Definition: A magazine full with articles about one subject.

Word map: review, periodical, bulletin.
First language: مجلة
Sentence: Last month, i read a business journal.


The world : Mediate(v.)
Definition: To try to settle a disagreement between two or more people.

Word map: intercede, intermediate, interpose.
First language: توسط
Sentence: I mediate between my friends when they fight.


The world : Statistics(n.)
Definition: Number that shows fact or provides information about something; numbers that have been collected to provide info.

Word map: decile,math, numbers.
First language: إحصائيات
Sentence: The final statistics told us how many people live in U.S.


The world : Summarize(v.)
Definition: short description of something.

Word map: recap, abstract, brief.
First language: لخص
Sentence: If you Summarized things before quiz it will help you to pass.


The world : Empirical(adj.)
Definition: Based on experiments or practical experience.

Word map: experimental, empirical, tentative.
First language: تجريبي
Sentence: I tried the new empirical laptop. (wrong usage)


The world : Identical(adj.)
Definition: exactly the same.

Word map: congruous, congruent, correspondent.
First language: مطابق
Sentence: Yesterday, I saw identical twins.


The world : Equate(v.)
Definition: To consider as being the same as something else.

Word map: parity, equivalence, evenness.
First language: مساواة
Sentence: Four plus four equate eight.


The world : Straightforward(adj.)
Definition: easy to do or understand.

Word map: unpretentious, modest, plain.
First language: بسيط
Sentence: Our homework was straightforward.


The world : Survive(v.)
Definition: To continue to live or exist.

Word map: permanence, endurance, duration.
First language: البقاء
Sentence: we survived jones snowboards.


The world : Notwithstanding(adv.)
Definition: Without being affected by; however.

Word map: with high hand,none the less, and so on.
First language: على الرغم من
Sentence: Notwithstanding, some people can not earn enough money.


The world : Reveal(v.)
Definition: To make something known that was a secret before.

Word map: expose, disclose, discover.
First language: كشف
Sentence: The teacher revealed his family secret.


The world : Undertake(v.)
Definition: To carry out.

Word map: promise, obligation, engagement.
First language: تعهد
Sentence: The project had been an undertaking for five years.


The world : Behalf(n.)
Definition: instead of someone or for someone.

Word map: instead, in state, instead of.
First language: باسم
Sentence: the employees make calls on behalf out of the big boss.


The world : Deduce(v.)
Definition: Use the information you have in order to form an opinion about it.

Word map: understand, derive,infer.
First language: نستنتج
Sentence: I deduced that sports are a part of health care.


The world : Comprehensive(n/adj.)
Definition: including everything that need to be dealt with.

Word map: inclusive, global, universal.
First language: شامل
Sentence: I have a comprehensive exam.


The world : Compound(n/v/adj.)
Definition: a combination of two or more parts, things.

Word map: composite,complex,component.
First language: مركب.
Sentence: The compound of the carbon dioxide is co2.


The world : Compile(v.)
Definition: to put together or to a book, list, record etc.

Word map: collect, gather, raise.
First language: جمع
Sentence: I compiled posters from the whole world.


The world : Colleague(n.)
Definition: someone you work with.

Word map: fellow, partner, mate.
First language: زميل
Sentence: I were working with my colleague in the graduation project.

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