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The word : specific (adj)
def: exact

Sentence : Mr Howarth gave us very specific instructions.
First language : محددة
Word map :concrete-particular- definite


The word : Domain ( N)
def : area of knowledge

Sentence :this problem is outside of the domain of medical science.
First language : نطاق
Word map : range-scope-scope


The word : Assured ( V)
def: to promise someone that something will or it is true if they are worried

Sentence : her doctor has assured us that she will be fine.
First language : مؤكد
Word map : proven-definite-certain


The word : investment ( N )
Dif : that act putting money into property or business

Sentence : each of us was required to put up a minimum investment of $5000.
First language : استثمار
Word map : development, placement, placing


The word : subsidy ( N )
Def : money that is paid by government or organization to reduce the cost/services to lower prices

Sentence : international disagreement over trade subsidies.
First language : إعانة مالية
Word map : favor, duty, employ,


The word :explicit ( adj)
Def: clear; making something easy to understand

Sentence : be explicit when you talk about money with your family.
First language : صريح
Word map : outright, candid, straightforward.


The word : framework ( N )
Def: basic structure of a text , concept or system

Sentence : this paper provides a framework for future research.
First language : الإطار
Word map : scope-cadre-rim


The word : license ( V )
Def: to grant a permit to use something or to allow an activity to take place

Sentence : a restaurant which is licensed to sell alcohol.
First language : رخصة
Word map : permit, permission, authorization.


The word : immigrate ( V)
Def : to enter a country to live there

Sentence : his father and mother immigrated when he was two.
First language : immigrate.
Word map :immigrate-migrate-emigrate.


The word : Assemble ( V)
Def: to come together , or bring things or people together in a group

Sentence : she had assembled a collection of her favourite songs.
First language : تجمع
Word map : fund, compile, combine.


The word : Denote ( V)
Def : to indicate or be a sign of something to mean something

Sentence : crosses on the map denote villages.
First language : دل
Word map : indicate, denote, betoken.


The word : implication (n)
Def : the effect that something will have on something else in the future.

Sentence : his talk will examine the wider implications of the internet revolution.
First language : توريط
Word map : implying, embodiment.


The word : inclination ( N )
Def : a feeling that makes someone want to behave in a particular way

Sentence : my natural inclination was to say no.
First language : ميل
World map : penchant, propensity, flair.


The word : Collapse ( N/V )
Def : a suuden fall

Sentence : the roof had collapsed long ago.
First language : انهيار
Word map : avalanche, slump, plunge.


The word : constraint ( N )
Def : a limit on something

Sentence : constraint imposed on teachers by large class size.
First language :قيود
Word map : handcuffs, bands, qualifications.


The word : Subordinate ( v )
Def :to treat a person or thing less important than another

Sentence : why subordinate your wishes to those of your family?
First language : المرؤوس
Word map : vassal, client, serf.


The word : Reluctance ( N )
Def : not wanting to do something because you are not sure if it is the right thing to do

Sentence : a reluctance to share information.
First language : ممانعة
Word map : fight, strength, opposition.


The word : constructed (adj)
Def :to build or make something

Sentence : my father constructed him self before he got married.
First language : شيدت
Word map : erect, mason, rear.


The word : Core ( N)
Def : the central or most important part of something

Sentence : The core of the book focuses on the period between 1660 and 1857.
First language: النواة
Word map : gist, quintessence, root.


The word : Notion ( N)
Def : something that you have in your mind that you belief

Sentence : he had only a vague notion of what she wanted to do.
First language : مفهوم
Word map : concept, motif, conception.


The word : mature ( adj )
Def : to be fully grown or fully developed

Sentence : Mature apple trees are typically 20 feet tall.
First language : ناضج
Word map : grown, forward, old-fashioned.


The word : Validity ( N )
Def : legally or officially acceptable

Sentence : My (ex) wife was well aware of my feelings before and all through our marriage and never questioned their validity.
First language : صلاحية
Word map : might, vigor, intensity.


The word : Quote ( V)
Def : to repeat exactly something that someone else has said or written

Sentence : He quoted a short passage from the Bible.
First language : اقتبس
Word map : borrow, extract, excerpt.


The word : oddness ( N)
Def : something that is odd.

Sentence : A novel that highlights the oddness and distinct challenges that come along with being a modern, thinking person.
First language : الغرابة
Word map : peculiar, bizarre, exotic.

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