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Assistance (N.)
Def: To help someone with information
Translation: مساعده

Word Map: Help , Information, Give a hand
Sentence: My roommate asked me if I need any assistance with my homework


Available (adj.)
Def: To be free
Translation: متاح

Word Map: Free, Ready
Sentence: My teacher wasn't available when I came to his office


Word: Consist (v.)
Def: To contain something
Translation: يحتوي

Word Map: Contain, Include,
Sentence: The classroom consists 20 people


Word: Consume (v.)
Def: To spend
Translation: يستهلك

Word Map: Spend, absorb, take
Sentence: People consume a lot of plastic.


Word: Contribute (v.)
Def: To give or share time or money
Translation: يساهم

Word Map: Share, give, donate
Sentence: I contribute my time to help my friend out with his homework.


Word: Conversely (adv.)
Def: Something that is the opposite
Translation: العكس

Word Map: Against, opposite
Sentence: Water is good for human bodies. conversely, a lot of it is unhealthy.


Word: Cooperate (v.)
Def: To work or act together
Translation: يشارك

Word Map: Share, Work, Together
Sentence: The two companies cooperate together to release a new invention.


Word: Domestic (adj.)
Def: Related to home or household
Translation: منزلي

Word Map: Household, Home
Sentence: We saw a domestic fight in our neighborhood.


Word: Function (n.)
Def: The purpose of something
Translation: وظيفه

Word Map: Purpose, work
Sentence: The function of computers is to make our work easier.


Word: Isolation (n.)
Def: Complete separation from others
Translation: عزلة

Word Map: Alone, Unavailable
Sentence: Some people prefer to live in an isolation.


Word: Labor (n.)
Def: A group of people working for wages
Translation: عمل

Word Map: Work , action, job


Word: Locate (v.)
Def: A set area or position
Translation: مكان

Word Map: Place, area
Sentence: I told my friend to locate his place.


Word: Maintain (v.)
Def: To keep in operation
Translation: المحافظه

Word Map: Keep up, Save,
Sentence: People maintain their cars to keep it work.


Word: Minority (n.)
Def: A group in a small number compared in a bigger group
Translation: اقليه

Word Map: Small, Group
Sentence: There is a minority of people who hates the government.


Word: Negative (adj.)
Def: Refusal of something
Translation: سلبي

Word Map: Bad, Not worthy
Sentence: Some people produce negative emotions and effect other people around them.


Word: Network (n.)
Def: Individuals having a common interest
Translation: رباط

Word Map: Connect, Common
Sentence: The network between those couples is they both loves cats.


Word: Nuclear (n.)
Def: Relating to the nuclear family
Translation: نووي

Word Map: Family, small number
Sentence: I belong to a nuclear family.


Word: Promote (v.)
Def: To advance in rank or position
Translation: ترقيه

Word Map: Advance, go up
Sentence: I haven't promoted since I had this job.


Word: Purchase (v.)
Def: To pay an amount of money
Translation: دفع

Word Map: Pay, Buy
Sentence: I purchased a pair of shoes.


Word: Rely (v.)
Def: To depend on something and trust it
Translation: يعتمد

Word Map: Depend, Trust
Sentence: People rely on their families members.


Word: Resource (n.)
Def: Supply or support
Translation: مصدر

Word Map: Supply, support
Sentence: People's food resources are animals and plants.


Word: Structure (n.)
Def: Parts arranged together.
Translation: بناء

Word Map: Parts, Style
Sentence: The structure of that building looks old.


Word: Transition (n.)
Def: Movement from one position to another.
Translation: نقل

Word Map: Movement, from one way to another
Sentence: The transition between countries is not free.


Word: Trend (v.) (n.)
Def: General style
Translation: الموضة


Word Map: Style, General
Sentence: The clothes trend these days is green and pale green.

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