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Conversely (adv.)
Word Map: conversely, reciprocally, on the contrary, driving, the flash

Definition: something that is the opposite or contrary.
First Language: عكس، مضاد
Ex: Children who have strong verbal skills way, conversely have trouble learning physical skills.


Cooperate (v.)
Word Map: get together, work together, classmate, school

Definition: To work together for a common purpose or benefit.
First Language: تعاون
Ex: It will be much easier if everyone cooperates.


Word Map: part, share, pool, help, handout

Definition: To give (money, time, knowledge) to a common source (charity).
First Language: يساهم
Ex: He did not contribute to the project


Word Map: clean , go, damage , electricity, bills

Definition: To spend, absorb or devour.
First Language: يستهلك
Ex: The new lights consume less electricity.


Word Map: depend , comprise, house, materials

Definition: To be made up of or to contain something.
First Language: يتألف من
Ex: Happiness does not consist in having what you want , but in wanting what you have .


Word Map: single, ready , free ,reservations, lease, hotel

Definition: ready and accessible.
First Language: متاح
Ex: Are you available ?


Word Map: help , support soccer, social security, benefits .

Definition: To aid and support.
First Language: مساعدة
Ex: Can I be of any assistance ?


Domestic (adj.)
Word Map: internal, indoor, family, personal

Definition: devoted to home life or household affairs.
First Language: منزلي، شؤون منزلية
Ex: She worked as a domestic for his father


Function (n.)
Word Map: task, use, role, job, cellphone

Definition: person, thing, or institutions the purpose for which something is designed or exist.
First Language: وظيفة، دور
Ex: The function of the heart is to pump blood through the body.


Isolation (n.)
Word Map: closing off, privacy, solitude, loneliness, alienation , study, exam, research

Definition: complete separation from others.
First Language: عزلة، عزل، فصل
Ex: the isolation of the mountain community


Labor (n.)
Word Map: work, action, business, workers, act , job , labor day

Definition: Group of people working for wages.
First Language:عمال,عامل
Ex: She had a difficult labor.


Locate (v.)
Word Map: found, station , put, build, store

Definition: A set area or position.
First Language:حدد
Ex: The company located near the airport


Maintain (n.)
Word Map: keep , look after, take part , grade, school

Definition: to keep in operation; observe.
First Language: المحافظة
Ex: She was finding it hard to maintain her balance.


Minority (n.)
Word Map: infancy, nonage , compare, math, physics

Definition: A group in a smaller number compered to much larger group.
First Language: أقلية
Ex: A small minority of the students need extra help.


Negative (adj.)
Word Map: minus, physics, chemistry, behavior

Definition: Denial, or refusal of something.
First Language:سلبي
Ex: the negative effects of the drug


Network (n.)
Word Map: communication, web ,similarities, common

Definition: Individual having a common interest which help one another.
First Language:شبكة
Ex:The show is getting good ratings for the network


nuclear (n.)
Word Map: family, inherit

Definition: Relating to the nuclear family.
First Language:نووي,ذري
Ex: This is called the nuclear plate


Promote (v.)
Word Map: develop , Work, School, Job

Definition: To advance in rank or position; to encourage sales.
First Language:رقى
Ex: The team have been promoted to the First Division


purchase (v.)
Word Map: Buy, power , deal , amazon ,market , Kroger

Definition: To acquire by payment of money.
First Language:شراء
Ex: I need to purchase a new coat.>


Rely (v.)
Word Map: depend, count on brothers, believe , colleague, work

Definition: To depend on something and trust it.
First Language:اعتمد
Ex: can you rely on her discretion ?


resource (n.)
Word Map: device, help, support , metal

Definition: supply, support especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.
First Language: مورد
Ex: Oil is essentially their only resource


structure (n.)
Word Map: base, body ,makeup, build, house

Definition: Parts arranged together; organized.
First Language:بناء
Ex: The structure was damaged by fire


Transition (n.)
Word Map: move, switch, turn, airport, port

Definition: Movement from one position to another.
First Language: انتقال
Ex: the sometimes difficult transition from childhood to adulthood


Trend (n-v.)
Word Map: way, disposition, proclivity, strain, apps

5/10 you have to cite!

Definition: General style.
First Language:اتجاه
Ex: the downward trend of the stock market

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