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Specific (adj)
word map: special-clear

first lang: خصيصا
sentence: I try to be specific with the teacher


Domain (n)
word map: house, dorm

area of knowledge or activity
first lang: سكن
sentence: I live in domain apartment


assure (v)
word map: promise, tell

to promise many into properly to business
first lang: ضمان
sentence: I can be assured this is the right answer


subsidy (n)
word map: grant, backing

money that is paid by the government or organization to reduce the cost/services to lower prices
first lang: اعانة مالية
sentence: I got government subsidy


Investment (n)
word map: : investing, buying

that act of putting money into property or business
first lang: استثمار
sentence: The company's investment has rocketed that year


explicit (adj)
word map: clear, plain

clear, making something easy to under stand
first lang: صريح
sentence: Can you be more explicit?


framework (n)
word map: frame, substructure,

basic structure of a text, concept or system
first lang: الاطار
sentence: The panels are attached to the building's steel framework


license (v)
word map: car , card

to grant a permit to use something or to allow an activity to take place
first lang : رخصة
sentence: I don't have a driver license


Immigrate (v)
word map: migrate, move overseas

to enter a country to live there
first lang: هاجر
There is a lot of people Immigrating to America to studies


assemble (v)
word map: get together, congregate, convene, meet

to come together, or bring things or people together in a group
first lang: تجمع
sentence: The cars are assembled on an assembly line.


denote (v)
word map: mean

to indicate or be a sign of something to mean something
first lang: دل
sentence: this sign denotes purity and quality


Implication (n)
word map: suggestion, insinuation, innuendo, hint

the effect that something will have on something else in the future.
first lang: توريط
sentence: His implication of immediate changes surprised us


Inclination (n)
word map: propensity, proclivity, leaning

a feeling that makes someone want to behave in a particular way
first lang: ميل
sentence: I have Inclination for Morgantown It is very boring


Collapse (n/v)
word map: fall down

a sudden fall
first lang: انهيار
the house near my apartment collapsed last night


constraint (n)
word map: restriction, limitation, curb, check

a limit on something
first lang: قيود
sentence: They demand freedom from constraint


subordinate (v)
word map: lower

to treat a person or thing less important than another
first lang: المرؤوس
sentence: He expects total cooperation from his subordinate commanders.


Reluctance (n)
word map: unwillingness, disinclination, hesitation

not wanting to do something because you are not sure if it is the right thing to do
first lang: ممانعة
sentence: I did not accept the job offer and my reluctance cost me everything


Constructed (adj)
word map: build, erect, put up, set up

to build pr make something
first lang: شيدت
sentence: They plan to construct a barn behind the house.


core (n)
word map: center, interior, middle, nucleus, recesses

the central or most important part of something
first lang: النواة
sentence: I don't like to eat the apple's core


Notion (n)
word map: idea, belief, opinion

something that you have in your mind that you believe
first lang: مفهوم
sentence: children have a notion that ghosts are real


mature (adj)
word map: adult, grown-up

to be grown or fully developed
first lang: ناضج
sentence: you should be mature enough to drive a car


validity (n)
word map: validness, cogency, lustiness

legally or officially acceptable
first lang: صلاحية
sentence: You make a valid point


Quote (v)
word map: price,charge

To repeat exactly something that someone else has said or written
first lang: اقتبس
sentence: he quote this idea from the book


oddness (n)
word map: weirdness

strange or unusual : different from what is normal or expected
first lang: غرابة
sentence: she had an odd look on her face.

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