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pursue (v)
word map. follow

d- to continue with something to find out more
f- طارد لاحق
s-I really want to pursue this but I don't know how


undertake (V)
w. tackle, control

to carry out
f- تتولى
s- the government of Saudi Arabia should undertake the prises (?) of Saudi people


Reveal (v)
w. divulge

d- to make something known that was a secret before.
s-faisal revealed his secret


notwithstanding (adv)
w. for all, however

d- to proceed persevere or however
f- على الرغم من ذالك
s- We were invited notwithstanding (NC sentence)


survive (v)
w. alive

d- to continue to live or exist
f- البقاء على قيد الحياة
s- faisal survived the car accident


straightforward (adj)
w. easy

d- easy to do or understand
s- He's very straightforward


equate (v)
w. identify

d- to consider one thing being the same as something else
f- تساوي
s- faisal equate wealth with happiness


identical (adj)
w. same

s- exactly the same
f- متطابق
s- the quizzes were identical


empirical (adj)
w. observed

d- based on expriements or practical experience
f- تجربة
s- I tried the empirical pen (wrong usage)


summarize (v)
w. short

short description of main ideas or events of something
f- ملخص
s- the teacher summarized our novel


statistics (n)
w. details. date

d- number that shows facts or provides information about something numbers that have been collected to provide info
f- علم الإحصاء
s- Statistics don't always tell the whole story


deduce (v)
w. conclude. infer

d- to from an opinion based on facts that you already know
f- استدل
s- See deduce defined for kids (wrong usage)


mediate (v)
w. arbitrate

d- to try to settle a disagreement between tow or more people
f- حل خلاف
s- faisal mediated between his friends (weird usage)


journal (n)
w. newsletter

d- a magazine full of articles about one subject
f- صحيفة موضوع
s- I wrote a medical journal about my city yesterday


behalf (n)
w. apology

d- in order to help someone
s- بلنيابة عن
s- I apologize on his behalf


compound (n)

d- two or more things combined together
f- مجمع
s- I live in compound


restrain (v)
w. control

d- to keep someone unders control
f- سيطر
d- faisal restrained himself


colleague v

d- a person you work with in job
f- صديق عمل
s- this is faisal my colleague


infer (v)
w. deduce . reason

d- to reach a conclusion from the information you have
f- استنتج
s- he inferred from his face that he was angry


compile (v)
w. assemble,

d- to collect info and arrange it in a list, book etc.
f- جمع
d- yesterday I compiled my books


liberal (adj)
w. tolerant

d- large amounts : generous
f- كريم
s- I am very liberal with my money


substitute (v)
w. replace with

d- to use something instead of something else .
f- استبدل
s- faisal was a substituted player on his team


guidelines (n)
w. advice

d- advice on what to do about something
f- نصيحة
s- my teacher give guidelines about my easy


comprehensive (adj)
w. inclusive,

d- including everything that is connected to a subject
f- شامل
s- I have a comprehensive exam on Friday

comments: some grammar mistakes and no word map. Grade= 8/10

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