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.Concurrent (adj)
.coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coexisting

. Existing or happening at the same time as something else
. متزامن
.The concurrent use more than one medications


.Hierarchy (n)
. matriarchy

. a system that has ranks from lowest to highest
. التسلسل الهرمي
.He was at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy ( from the internet)


. Analogy (n)
. similarity

. a comparison between two things that show how they are similar.
. تشابه جزئي
. My sister used an analogy to describe how she felt after her first presentation


. conceive (v)
. imagine

. to form an idea or plan
. تصور
. she has been unable to conceive a child.


. Definite (adj)
. defined, limited

. fixed and unlikely to change
.I am definite that we will pass the IEP


.unify (v)
.center, compact

. to join or link separate parts together to make one thing
. توحيد
. the very different culture unified by a common belief


. Release (v)

. to allow someone or something to be free
.إطلاق سراح
.He is finally released from the jail


. coordinate (v)
.abbreviate, abominate

. to organize different things or people so that they work together
. she had responsibility for coordinating New york's transportation services


. positive (adj)
. definite, conclusive, certain

. good situation or good feelings
. إيجابي
. you should use your money in the positive way


. likewise (adv)
. again, also

.the same
. أيضا
. My friends hates dogs , and I likewise do not like the animals .


. phenomenon (n)
. caution, flash

. something that happens or exists
. ظاهرة
. The movies was an emotional phenomenon


. prospect (n)
. lookout, outlook

. something may or will happen
. There are prospect the weather tomorrow very cold


. react (v)
.eply, respond

. to do or say something because something has happened or has been said
.رد فعل
.she reacted angrily of her grades


. Depress (v)
.dash, deject

. to push or pull something down in a lower position
. the last day in my home depressed me


.ratio (n)
.proportion, rate

. the relation between two or more numbers which shows that one is greater than one other
.the ratio of men's accident to women's us 6 to 1


. Aggregate (adj)

. that total of something
. مجموع
. The group with the highest aggregate score wins


. intervene (v)
. intercede, intermediate

. to come between two things
. unless some crisis intervenes, so we will leave on time


. offset (v)
.balance, canceler

. to make the effect of something less strong or noticeable
. عوض
. an offset against the taxes


. temporarily (adj)
. militarily

. lasting for a short time
. she need to hire some temporary office help during this busy time


. commence (v)
.begin, embark

. to begin something
.her contract commences in may


. Imposing (adj)

. making an impression on people because it is big and important
. there are a Imposing building in Dubai


. Hypothesis (n)
.theory, proposition

. an idea that is suggested as the possible explanation
. فرضية
.The results of the idea did not support their hypothesis


. circumstances (n)
.fate, destiny, doom

. the facts and events that happen in a particular situation
. ظروف
.I can't imagine a circumstances that is affected her


. logical (adj)

. seeming natural, reasonable or sensible
. منطقي
. I can't understand why she wasn't able to give me a logical explanation for her behavior

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