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Assemble (v.)

Word map: work, school

To come together, or bring things or people together in a group .
First language : تجمع
Example : I will need to assemble a list of teams for the soccer field.


Denote (v.)

Word map: headlights, highway

To indicate or be a sign of something; to mean something.
First language :دل Example : I will use the term symbol to denote elements of the set .


Immigrate (v.)

Word map: moving, leave, new country

To enter a country to live there .
First language: هاجر
Example: See to immigrate defined for kids.


License (v.)

Word map: car, store, bus

A grant or permit to use something .
First language: رخصة
Example:my friend applied for a license


Explicit (adj.)

Word map: cellphone, translator,

Clear; making something easy to understand
First language: واضح، صريح
Example:a song with explicit lyrics


Framework (n.)

Ward map: a paint, picture, film, plan

Concepts, plan
First language: إطار
Example:a Framework the books is good.


Subsidy (n.)

Word map: gov, companies, bank

Money that is paid by the gov. Or organization to reduce cost + lower price
First language: اعانة مالية
Example:The king give Subsidy a poor persons


Investment (n.)

Ward map: Sony, company, Apple

The act of putting money into property or business

First language: استثمار، عقار
Example: Biology any covering coating outer layer or integument as of an animal or vegetable .


Assured (v.)

Word map: grantee, sure,

To promise someone that will happen or it's true.

First language: متأكد، بالتأكيد
Example:His writing has become more assured .


Domain (n.)

word map: math, school, dorm, house

Area of knowledge or activity
first language: سكن، معرفة، مدى
Example:Childcare is no longer solely a female domain


Specific (adj.)

Word map: color, car , number

First language: محددة
Example:The doctor gave the patient specific medicine


Implication (n.)

Ward map: improve, better, develop

Definition: the effect that something will have in something else in the future.
First language: تطوير، تجديد
Example:The implication of the report.


Inclination (n.)

Word map: desire, hobby, job

Definition: a feeling that make someone wants to believe in a particular way.
First language: ميل، رغبه، اراده
Example:He's a loner by inclination.


Collapse (n/v)

Word map: building, health

Definition: a sudden fall
First language: انهيار، تدهور
Example:The chair he was sitting in collapsed


Constraint (n.)

Word map: school, relationships, chains

Definition: a limit on something
First language: قيود، تقييد
Example:They refuse to work under constraint any longer


Subordinate (v.)

Word map: chief, worker, job

Definition: to rate a person or thing less important than another
First language: مرؤوس، تابع, مسؤول
Example: Stacy is Subordinate for IEP.


Reluctance (n.)

Word map: laziness, comics, snowy days

Definition: not wanting to do something because no sure if it was the right thing to do.
First language: تردد، ممانعه
Example:He sensed his reluctance to continue in work


Constructed (adj.)

Word map: building, Houses, skyscraper، plan

Definition: to build or make something
First language: شيدت، بنى، تخطيط
Example:I constructed a barn behind the house


Core (n.)

Word map: apple, plants, speakers

Definition: the central or most important part of something
First language: جوهر، بذره، صميم
Example:Someone threw an apple core.


Notion (n.)

Word map: math, science, method

Definition: something that you have in mind that you believe.
First language: مفهوم, نظريه
Example:She had a notion to try skydiving.


Mature (adj.)

Word map: adult, college, work

Definition: to be fully grown or fully developed.
First language: راشد، ناضج
Example:She's very mature for her age


Oddness (n.)

Word man: weird, numbers, unique

Definition: something that is not easily explained/ unusual.
First language: غرابة، مختلف
Example:.The oddness of work today it was long


Quote (v.)

Word map: newspapers, research, essay

Definition: to repeat exactly something that someone else has said or written.
First language: اقتبس
Example:He Quote the car from station


Validity (n.)

Word map: news, knowledge, data

Definition: legally officially acceptable
First language: صلاحية، صحة
Example:You making a validity points.

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