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.virtually (adv)
.basically .essentially .nearly

.almost or very ntirely
.I didn't remember virtually everything that she said.


.volume (n)
.amount . figure. number.quantit

. amount os space for length and hight
.The volume of this song is too loud. (wrong usage)


. diminish (v)
. belittle, cry down, denigrate

. reduce in in size or importance
.The doctors side the pain should diminish over time


.expert (n)

. a person having high level of knowledge or skills in a particular subject
. you can receive some expert advice
. خبير


.nevertheless ( adv)
.even so , however

.despite what was just said
.The party is done early last night, nevertheless they will stay there
. مع ذلك


.Input (n)
. intake

. Info money or energy that is into a system or organization
.we need your input on what we have for lunch


. expansion(n)
. addition

.the act of becoming bigger or of making something bigger
. The newspaper is an expansion of a lecture series
. توسيع


.conduct (v)
. control

.the way that a person behaves in a particular place or situation
. He has a specific conduct in writing


.Predict (v)
. foretell

.to say that something will or might happen in the future
.It's hard to predict how the weather changes every day


.Benefits (n)
. help

. a good or helpful result or effect
. there are good benefits from a fresh fruit and vegetables
. فوائد


.Ultimate (adj)
. maximum

. happening or coming at the end of a process, series of events
.If you didn't pay your rent you are properly have a ultimate price
. اقصى


.Devote (v)

. to give over or direct (as time, money, or effort) to a cause, enterprise, or activity
.He need to devote more time for his family


.Inevitable (adj)
. certain

.sure to happen
.there is no inevitable for the homework (what?)
.لا مفر منها


.outcome (n)
. aftermath

.something that happens as a result of an activity or process
.There are two possible outcomes from this experiment


.occur (v)
. come

. to come into existence , happen
.No one was ready for this occurrence.


. Annually (adv)
. year

.happening once a year
.my mother likes change the design of my room annually


.adjacent (adv)
. abutting

. very near or nothing in between
.she lives in the house adjacent for my house
. المجاور


.Region (N)

. a part of a country, of the world that is different or separate from other parts in some way
.he lives in south region of his country


. terminate(v)
. finish

. to end or stop
. she terminated her essay last night


.abandoned (v)
. desert

.to leave behind or give something up
. there is a lot of abandoned houses in my town


. cite (v)

. reference something as proof or as a reason
.his brother cited in an accident for reckless driving
. استشهد


. prohibitive (adj)

.to resricte something
.we have a prohibitive cost of drinking alcohol


.minimize (v)

.to make something bad or not wanted as small as possible
.The company try to work to minimize costs


.duration (n)
. date

. the length of time that something exists or lasts
.the restaurant have been closed for the duration of the convention

Did you translate some of these? They are really hard to understand. You need to fix almost every sentence! mostly grammar mistakes. (8/10)

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