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Your time is very important, but what you do with your time is even more important.

@TonyRobbins Podcast


Courage still has fear but you do it anyways.

@TonyRobbins Podcast


Trained myself not to negotiate with myself. As Tony Robbins says there's not a damn day I wake up and want to jump into that cold pool, but I do.

@TonyRobbins Podcast


So many things in society are based on groups of three, so see if you can distill your content down to three or four items for your audience to remember. And then maybe attach a metaphor to it.

First Time Facilitator Podcast


Fear is just adrenaline rushing through your body. You have to give the adrenaline a job. A really easy job is to just start moving or jumping up and down.

First Time Facilitator Podcast


You have to allow the nerves to release somehow, whether that's moving your arm up in your fist squeezing your hand

First Time Facilitator Podcast


Speaker Tip - make sure to show up early to greet people

First Time Facilitator Podcast


Speaker Tip - Hide your flip chart information until ready.

First Time Facilitator Podcast


It takes about 100 days reduce friction for a habit to stick

Seth Godin


If you’re a member of the dominant group, you should probably be doing the majority of the rethinking

Seth Godin


Decision Making
1) how consequently is this decision?
2) how easily can I undo it?

Jeff Bezos

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