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Abdominopelvic Regions

1) hypochondriac: right and left upper regions beneath the ribs. 2) epigastric: middle upper region above the stomach. 3) lumbar: right and left middle regions near the waist. 4) umbilical: central region near the navel. 5) inguinal: right and left lower regions near the groin. Also call iliac regions. 6) hypogastric: middle lower region below the umbilical region.


Abdominopelvic Quadrants

1) RUQ: right upper quadrant. 2) LUQ: left upper quadrant. 3) RLQ: right lower quadrant. 4) LLQ: left lower quadrant.


Divisions of the Back

1) cervical: neck region (C1 to C7). 2) thoracic: chest region (T1 to T12). 3) lumbar: loin (waist) region (L1 to S5). 4) sacral: region of the sacrum (S1 to S5). 5) coccygeal: region of the coccyx (tailbone).


Related Terms

vertebra: single backbone.
vertebrae: backbones.
spinal column: bone tissue surrounding the spinal cavity.
spinal cord: nervous tissue within the spinal cavity.
disc: pad of cartilage between vertebrae.

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